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If you already visited Baler and Dingalan , head over to Casapsapan Beach , located in the town of Casiguran Aurora. The beach is famous fo...

Casapsapan Beach | A Beautiful Beach in Aurora

If you already visited Baler and Dingalan, head over to Casapsapan Beach, located in the town of Casiguran Aurora. The beach is famous for its unbeatable fine sand and crystal clear waters which will give you a relaxing feeling. 

Casapsapan Beach 

Casapsapan Beach is not that yet famous compare to other beaches in Baler. The beach features fine and creamy sands, pristine blue sparkling waters, and five hectares of virgin mangrove which will truly take your breath away. You can find here different resorts that offer affordable room accommodations where you can stay overnight. For those backpackers, you can pitch a tent for Php100.

There's a big table coral right by the beach which is exposed during low tide. Please be advised to get an extra careful if you want to swim in this area.It's advisable to wear slippers or sandals to avoid injuries.

 How To Get to Casapsapan Beach Aurora

a) Take a genesis bus in Cubao bound for Baler. Travel time is around 5-6 hours. Bus Fare is Php Php450
b) From Baler, take a van going to Casiguran. Travel time is around 3-4 hours. Van Fare is Php250

Another way going to Casapsapan beach is from Manila to Cabantuan to Baler. From Baler You can take a van going to Casapsapan Beach.

Travel Guide / Tips

  • Electric Suppy is from 5PM to 5AM
  • Don't forget to bring head gear and sunblock to protect your skin from the direct heat of the sun.
  • Telecom signal is not that good in Casapsapan Beach.
  • It's better to bring you own food . Goodies in the beach is a bit pricey
  • The beach is far from Baler and Dingalan. It's better to take overnight to this place to enjoy more the place. 

Special thanks to Patrick Dan-uya for the wonderful photos of Casapsapan Beach


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