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Calayan   Island is not just an ordinary island in the north. It is the  home to some of the most unspoiled white beaches in the country, f...

Calayan Island | A Pristine Island in the North

Calayan Island is not just an ordinary island in the north. It is the  home to some of the most unspoiled white beaches in the country, featuring amazing rock formations, breathtaking waterfalls,  majestic caves, enchanted forest and other beautiful natural structures.

Calayan Island

Calayan is one of the municipalities in the province of Cagayan. The town is the largest of the Babuyan Islands which is composed of four islands namely: Calayan proper, Camiguin, Dalupiri and Babuyan Island. Near the town is  Fuga Island which is considered as part of Aparri municipality.

Tourist destinations in Calayan Island that you need to include in your bucket list are the following: Sibang Beach, Bangaan Hills, Malansing Cave and Falls, Sibang Cove, Caniwara Cove, Nagudungan Hills,Lusuk Cave, Bataraw Falls, Caanawan Falls and Tapwakan Cliff.

Activities to do in the island include swimming, snorkeling, caving cliff diving, Humback whale watching (during summer season) and hiking. 

How To Get To Calayan Island
  • Take a Florida or Victory Liner bound for either Claveria (13hours) or Aparri (14hours) in Cagayan. Bus Terminals are located in Cubao and Manila. Bus Fare is Php500
  • From the fishing port in Claveria or the Aparri port, ride a lampitaw (motorized outrigger boat) going to Calayan. 
  • Boats prefer to leave early in  the morning between 5 to 7am where ocean current is on good condition.. Travel Time is around 5-7 hours. Boat rides cost P500 per person.

Other option to reach Calayan Island is through MV Eagle Ferry, the only ferry that travels to Calayan Island.  It travels twice a week (P700/trip) from Santa Ana (San Vicente Port) and Calayan passing Camiguin Island (P350).

If you don't want to travel 13 hours by land, take flight from Manila to Tuguegarao via Cebu Pacific or Philippine Airlines. Travel time will only take 1 hour and 15 minutes. From Tuguegarao. Take a van going to Aparri Port. From there, take a boat ride bound for Calayan Island.

Travel Guide and Tips
  • The best time to go Calayan Island is during summer season  like in March and April
  • Take a boat in  Claveria or the Aparri port as early in  the morning
  • Bring headgear (hat or cap), sarong or marong and sunblock to protect your skin from the direct heat of the sun
  • Bring food and enough water. It will take time to reach the island
  • Get ready to be soaked. Please be advised to protect your things from being wet. Bring drybag or coveryour things with garbage bags
  • Bring mosquito repellents
  • Electricity is only available from 12 noon to 12 midnight everyday 
  • Mobile internet is possible but expect signal is not that good. (Smart and Globe)
  • There are lots of homestay in the island that offers cheap room accommodation.
  • Try to ride Kuliglig, one of the transportation in the island. Habal-habal is also available in the island
  • Bring enough cash! There are no ATMs or banks in the island
  • Boat trips are indefinite and unpredictable so prepare to be stranded for a couple of days
  • You can call Eric at 09478939691. He's one of  the tourism officers that will give you a lot of information about the island. You can also contact Ms Connie at 09215349231 for the Calayan-Island-Babuyan Claro-Camiguin Norte Tour. To hire a boat, you can contact Cesar at 09186170327.
If you still don't have the budget to travel to Batanes, experience first the wonders of Calayan Island. 

Thank you Neil Nunez for the wonderful photos of Calayan Island

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