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Aside from the amazing food, Pampanga also offers a lot of beautiful destinations and thrilling activities that will surely satisfy your ad...

Puning Hot Spring and Sand Spa: The Hidden Destination in Angeles City, Pampanga

Aside from the amazing food, Pampanga also offers a lot of beautiful destinations and thrilling activities that will surely satisfy your adventure needs. One of the destinations we visited during the #LovePampanga tour was Puning Hot Spring and Spa, which can be found at the foot of one of the most destructive volcanoes of the 21st century (Mt. Pinatubo).

I didn't know there's a beautiful hot spring and spa in the middle of mountains of Angeles City. I thought that the city is just the home of exotic delicacies. Well, a there's a Puning Hot Spring and Sand Spa. The jump off point is at the Puning Restaurant in Sapang Bato. We took a 4x4 off road jeep (6-7 seaters) and traversed the scenic and craggy terrain going to Sitio Puning. We passed along the shallow streams and desert- like ground of sand and ash mixture. Get ready for a bumpy ride. It's advisable to hold tightly your digital camera or action camera while taking pictures or videos along the journey. Most of the time, our body was bouncing especially our ass due to the rugged roads. It took us almost 20 minutes to reach the hot spring. Overall, our 4x4 ride en route to Puning Hot Spring and Spa was extremely fun and exciting.

The name of the place is derived from the Aeta word “punang” or “mapunang“, which means full of trees and later evolved to its current name. Most of the staff here are Aetas, the first inhabitants  of Pampamga. They're a little bit shy yet accommodating. It's good to know that there are businesses like Puning Hot Spring and Spa that are giving work to our friends from indigenous communities, which serves as one of their livelihood sources.

Inside the hot spring, we found several pools of hot water ranging from 40 degrees to 70 degrees, and pools of cold water. The hot water is constantly running and disperses like a waterfall on the foot of the resort. It's perfect to dip your body into the warm water after the bouncing journey. The water temperature was perfect! It's relaxing! The scenery from the top was stunning with the amazing of view of dusty landscapes, shallow streams and lahar rock formations.

From the hot spring, we headed to the spa where we tried sand spa and mudpack. We're laid on the volcanic ash sand bed while our bodies were covered in sand for 15 minutes. It's really hot inside. I felt my whole body was sweating, from my face down to my legs. One of the staff massaged my arms and legs by gently stepping on it. According to the staff, this treatment will improve our blood circulation. The spa treatment was finished through mudpacks, which lathered all over our body. The mudpacks will help tighten pores and cool down the body.

By the way, each guest will be provided with clean short, t-shirt and gown. It's optional if you want to wear it or not. You can use these clothers while in their hot spring and during the spa session.

At this time, there's no available accommodation in the resort. For those who want to stay overnight in Angeles City, you can stay in sevaral hotels in Clark Freeport Zone like Royce Hotel.

The day tour package to Puning Hot Spring includes 4×4 ride, buffet lunch, entrance to the hot spring, sand steam, foot massage and mud pack for P3,500.00 per person, minimum of three. Day tour trip is 8AM. Last trip is 2PM.

After the Puning Hot Spring and Sand Spa, we went to Clark  Museum, Pradera's Golf Course and Pradera Wake Park in Lubao, Pampanga, which details will be published soon on this blog. 

Puning Hot Spring and Spa
Adress: Sitio Target, Sapang Bato, Angeles City, Pampanga Philippines
Contact Number: +639193392795