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If you are planning to travel to the beautiful town of Bontoc in Mountain Province, I highly recommend to visit the twin mountains in Mali...

Mt. Fato and Mt. Kupapey: The Twin Mountains in Bontoc

If you are planning to travel to the beautiful town of Bontoc in Mountain Province, I highly recommend to visit the twin mountains in Maligcong, the Mt. Fato and Mt. Kupapey. These two mountains are perfect for beginners who want to experience hiking and to witness sea of clouds. At the summit, you will be treated to an overlooking view of the Maligcong  Rice Terraces.

Going up to the summit of Mt Kupapey was fairly easy. The trail was friendly during the first few minutes of our hike.The first 500 meters was cemented and the rest was forest trail. There’s already established trail with very minimal assaults, prepare only for long walk that will take 1-2 hours. We found few stray dogs along the trail which became our guides going to the summit. Most of the time, they stopped when we stopped and wait for us to walk. I suggest to hike early in the morning to avoid so much exposure from the heat of the sun.

If you are a first timer, no need to rush, your friends and your guide will surely understand you. Take time to rest or say take five. This will avoid injuries during the hike. I also advice not to forget t have a deep breath in and breath out while walking. This is what I usually do to avoid muscle cramps. Don't also forget to bring enough water and trail food.

When we arrived at the summit, we were graced by the lovely dramatic sun rise scene from the east. Sadly, there's no presence of sea of clouds. I don't feel bad at all. Even there's no sea of clouds, I'm still happy to see the amazing view of Maligcong Rice Terraces. It's magnificent. My finger won't stop clicking my camera to take pictures.

After 20 minutes, I told Kuya Joseph that I'm ready to hike Mt Fato. Going to the summit was easier compare Mt Kupapey. Our hike was very smooth. I found a lot of pine trees along trail which is perfect background for selfie and groupie. There's no major assault. I highly suggest to wear leggings because trail is not yet established. Your legs will be exposed to some irritating bushes.

At the summit , we found a lot of rock formation. Be careful when you go up to the rocks because most of these are sharp and pointed. We saw from here the different side of Maligcong Tice Terraces and the mountain peaks of Kalinga and Sagada.

After our wonderful experience in Mt. Kupapey and Mt. Fato, we headed to the newest attraction of Bontoc, the Liknon Waterfalls. We took over to 30 minutes to the reach the waterfalls, which is purely descending trail. Gong back to the jump off point was challenging because the trail is purely ascending.


Maligcong Chen's Homestay is one of the best transient homes in Bontoc. It is notable for its strategic and panoramic view mountains, towering pine trees and the popular Maligcong Rice Terraces. It's also near to the jump off point to beautiful mountains- Mt. Kupapey and Mt. Fato.

Maligcong Chen's Homestay can accommodate up to 14 pax. It has rooms for single, couple and for group. They also offer meal for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. Hot and cold shower are also available. You may contact Joseph at 09277 668140.


From Manila, take a Coda bus ride to Bontoc town. Upon arrival, walk to the jeepney terminal to Maligcong which is near the commercial center. Fare is P20 and travel time is approximately 20-30 minutes. It is advisable to topload to see the beautiful sceneries along the road.

Bontoc can also be reached either through Baguio or Banaue route. GL Trans Bus Lines ply the Halsema Highway to Bontoc from Baguio, first trip is 7:00AM and travel time is approximately 5 hours.

Mt. Kupapey and Mt Fato
Location Maligcong, Bontoc, Mountain Province

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