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Maybe some of you didn't know anything about Nueva Vizcaya . The province is mountainous, full of steep mountain ranges, rolling hills...

5 Best tourist destinations in Nueva Vizcaya

Maybe some of you didn't know anything about Nueva Vizcaya. The province is mountainous, full of steep mountain ranges, rolling hills, and valleys and plains between them. It's known as the “Citrus Capital of the Philippines” for having  high quality citrus fruits.

If you are planning to visit the province, here are some of the must visit destinations in Nueva Vizcaya.

Mt. Ugo / Mt. Ugu 

Mt. Ugo is a popular hiking destination in Nueva Vizcaya. It's one of the mountaineer's favorite in the Cordilleras, together with Mt. Pulag, Mt. Amuyao, and Mt. Napulauan. At the summit, it offers a  breath taking view of the nearby mountains, towering pine trees and beautiful sunrise / sunset. 

Capisaan Cave 

Capisaan Cave is considered as the 5th longest cave system in the Philippines. Located in the humble town of Kasibu, Capisaan Cave offers numerous of stalagmites, stalactites and beautiful rock formations. The cave is similar to Puerto Princesa Underground River which is 70% filled with water. 

Dum-liing Falls

If you want to be closer to nature, Dum-liing Falls is the right place to be. It's considered as the tallest single-drop waterfalls in the province. It's jump off is at Brgy. Balete in Kayapa, just 1 to 2 hours away from the waterfalls. 

St. Dominic Cathedral

St. Dominic Cathedral, popularly known as the Bayombong Cathedral, is a beautiful Baroque church located at Brgy. Salvacion, Bayombong. It's founded in 1739 by the Augustinian Friars of Spain. The church façade is described as a close copy of that of the Dupax del Sur Church and the Santa Catalina de Siena Church in Bambang, Nueva Vizcaya, with its doors, windows and oculus, not to mention the pediment shape that’s also similar to that of the older Tuguegarao Cathedral in Cagayan province.

Imugan Falls

Imugan Falls is a must visit tourist spot in Nueva Vizcaya. It's another waterfalls that you can expolore with easy trail.The waterfall cascades for more than 35 feet towards a catch basin with crystal-clear waters

How to get to Nueva Vizcaya: From Manila, take a bus bound for Isabela or Cagayan and get off at Santa Fe, Nueva Vizcaya.