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Teva Philippines recently invited members of the press and some of the Philippine's top bloggers and influencers to join Masungi Geor...

Teva PH supports Masungi Georeserve's Nurture-a-Grove Project

Teva Philippines recently invited members of the press and some of the Philippine's top bloggers and influencers to join Masungi Georeserve's project, the Nurture-a-Grove Project, which aims promotes to take part in Masungi Georeserve's reforestation efforts through hands on activities such as weeding and mulching.

I believe most of you already saw some of the amazing attractions of Masungi Georeserve on Facebook and Instagram. One of those is the Discovery Trail. It features several rock formation, big trees, spider web like made up of ropes, cave and a lot of interesting natural landscapes. But did you know that there's another amazing trail called the Legacy Trail. Unlike with the Discovery Trail, the Legacy Trail is more on trekking. Some  trails are surrounded with bamboo and  pine trees, others don't have shades at all. In this trail, you will see up close Mount Susong Dalaga of Rizal.

We stopped in the area where young narra trees are planted. We removed unwanted grasses and softened the soil around these plants. Even it's hot, I really enjoyed this activity. I know it's not big,  but somehow it will help these plants to survive. I hope these small plants will grow big and become trees. You should try this if you visit Masungi Georeserve.

After the activity, we headed to Amihan, the resting station located in the pine trees area. It features several floating nipa hut on top of spider-web cables. It's lunch time and they served minalot meal-  consisting of Filipino Adobo, red egg with tomatoes and ensalada. We also had calamansi juice and biko ( brown rice cake ) for our dessert. I'm expecting they will serve vegan dishes since the park  is surrounded with plants. But that's alright, their food was really good.

By the way, I'm wearing a pair of Teva sandals. Usually, I wear a pair of hiking shoes every time I climb mountain. Since it's a minor hike, it's alright to use a pair of sandals and I highly recommend Teva.  Aside from the cushioned footbed and rubber outsole, what I like about this brand is its recycled polyester-weaved Velcro straps. It's has cool design and it's easy to wear and to remove from my feet. Teva is available at any Toby's branch or through online at www.tobys.com.

Please practice the Leave No  Trace. Don't throw anything even a single candy wrapper along the trail . You can put your  all of trash in your bag or pocket. Whatever you bring in, you must also bring out. Don't also pick any plants or flowers. These are for your eyes only. 

Follow what the instructions of the local guides. They are well trained and the best to person to ask about the place. Don't also forget bring sunblock or hat or protect your skin and hair from the direct heat of the sun as well insect repellents to avoid mosquito bites.

Overall experience was awesome. The trail was smooth and easy, perfect for first timers in hiking. It's my first time to join to this kind of activity and I really enjoyed. I'll definitely do it again. Thank you Teva Philippines for bringing us to Masungi Georeserve and for introducing the Nurture-a-Grove Project.