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Since I started working in the BPO Industry while doing my online task as a lifestyle and travel blogger, I can't start the day withou...

Rojo Coffee : Your Neighbourhood Café

Since I started working in the BPO Industry while doing my online task as a lifestyle and travel blogger, I can't start the day without drinking a coffee. It boosts my energy while at work and it helps me relax while at travel. With all the works and deadlines, drinking coffee makes me more productive.

Most of the time, I sit in a coffee house with a nice hot brewed coffee or cold frappuccino. A coffee shop with good ambiance is still the best place to meet with a client or to talk with a friend. From fresh brewed coffee, pastries, pastas, to refreshing beverages, a cafe has something to offer to different types of customers.

Recently, I was invited to the housewarming of Rojo Coffee owned by Jovy Acuzar and Khaled Ostwani. It is the newest café in the Metro that carries good yet wallet-friendly local arabica coffee and classic comfort food dishes.

Inside the café, you would love the interior design with a marriage of traditional and modern furniture, finishes and materials. The result is homey vibes, enduring design that is both comfortable and classic. The place is artsy which features several instagrammable spots, perfect for your gram.

Let's talk about their coffee and food. Well, I like their coffee, not only it tasted good, it's also made up from the local arabica coffee. Their pastas, palabok and pastries are all nice. Try their Crispy Chicken Sandwich, this one of my favorites.

It's good to know that all of Rojo Coffee's goods are prepared the “Rojo way,” meaning all the meats, spreads, sauces, and breads are made in-house. They are not also using any flavor enhancers such as MSG.

Why they choose Rojo as the café name? According to Jovy, Rojo is a Spanish word that translates to ‘red,’ is a color associated with joy, love, passion, and energy – four characteristics that Rojo Coffee aspires to represent.

Jovy and Kahled also shared that Rojo started out as a shared passion for good food and good coffee and they want to have their own café that gives the exact satisfaction they used to look for in coffee shops.

Additionally, Rojo Coffee has small initiatives that support several charities.

"What’s even better is the fact that the brand gives back to the less fortunate through their small initiatives. “We try our best to reduce food wastage in our kitchen and support charities that aim to solve hunger issues.”

Rojo Coffee is located at Victoria Sports Tower Station 2, 799 EDSA South Triangle, Quezon City. Stay connected with Rojo Coffee's Facebook and Instagram at @rojocoffee.ph. For more discoveries, visit www.rojocoffee.ph.