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The province of Guimaras is famous for its wide mango plantation and world class mangoes. This island province is one of the smallest pro...

Guimaras Travel Guide For First Time Travelers

The province of Guimaras is famous for its wide mango plantation and world class mangoes. This island province is one of the smallest province in the Philippines, covering a total area of 604.57 square kilometres (233.43 sq). Despite its size, Guimaras offers a lot of great things that will surely satisfy your travel needs.

Guimaras is located in the Western Visayas Region, just 15 minutes boat ride from Iloilo City to Jordan via Ortiz Wharf. Fare is P15 (one way). Some passenger boats can be found in Parola Wharf and it will take you to Buenavista, another port in Guimaras.

After my Iloilo tour, I decided to go to Guimaras. I contacted Ava Travel and Tours to show me some of the must-visit destinations and the must-eat food in Guimaras. Vincent, a very nice and accommodating local guide, toured me around in his humble hometown. He's the right person to ask on where to find the picturesque and instagrammable spots. Vincent could be also your photographer. Just take a pose and he will provide you the perfect shot.

Guisi Lighthouse

The Guisi Lighthouse is the second oldest light house in the Philippines (next to Cape Engano Lighthouse in Palui Island, Cagayan) which built in 1800’s. It's a Spanish-colonial lighthouse located in the town of Nueva Valencia. You can find here an old and rusty lighthouse. From here, it will give you the stunning views of Guisi Beach, Guimaras Strait and some amazing rock formation.

54MW San Lorenzo Wind Farm

Just like windmills in Ilocos Region, the San Lorenzo Wind Farm also attracts tourists and provide renewable energy throughout the island and nearby provinces. It has 27 windmills in total that can produce around 54 megawatts, to supply electricity for Guimaras, Cebu, Negros, and other areas in Western Visayas. Each wind turbine measures 40 meters wide and 80 meters tall which can be seen up close.

Smallest Plaza

Guimaras is the home of  the smallest plaza in  the Philippines. It is located in the town of Jordan, just a few minutes away from the port. You can find here a small statue of our National Hero - Dr. Jose Rizal.  It is one of the finalists in the Guinness Book of World Records for having the smallest plaza in the world. 

Trappist Monsatery

Another must-visit in Guimaras is the Trappist Monsatery. It is a peaceful and sacred place which run by the monks of Cisterian Order of the Strict Observance. It is the only Trappist monastery in the Philippines which founded in 1972. You can find here the Abbey of Our Lady the Philippines and a local store selling souvenir items, dried mangoes, mango jam and other special delicacies.

Mango Farm 

A visit to Gigantes is not complete without going to the Mango Farm, particularly in the Mango Research Center. Local and international tourist named Guimaras as the "Mango Capital of Philippines" because its high quality and sweet tasting mangoes. According to Vincent, farmers are covering each mango with paper to protect their appearance and to make each fruit more sweeter.

Grape Farm

MJ Albilar is one of the newest grape farms in the province of Guimaras. It is located in Brgy. Suclaran  in the town of San Lorenzo. It's really surprising that there are vineyards in Guimaras. You should try to visit this to know how the vineyards look like. If you want to pick your own grapes, I suggest to visit the province around March or April .

Alubihod Beach

If you are looking for a white beach, Alubihod Beach is the right place for you. It is the most popular beach destination in Guimaras situated in the town of Nueva Valencia. Most of the visitors stay here because it is where most of the province' hotels / resorts are located. It's also serves as the jump-off point for island hopping. 

The beach features white sands, calm waters, and amazing rock formations. One thing you will notice on the waters are floaters with net which keep visitors to swim too far and to protect everyone from all types of jellyfish.

Where To Stay

There are several resorts in Guimaras including Andana Resort (high-end resort), Alobijod Cove, Kenyama Beach Resort, Sun Sea Resort, Jannah Glycel Beach House, The Clara Beach, Playa de Paraiso Resort, Valle Verde Mountain Resort and Costa Aguada Island Resort. I stayed in Raymen Beach, a budget-friendly resort in Alubihod Beach.

Where to Eat

Olivia's Kitchen and Island Brew is one of the newest restaurants in Guimaras. It's famous for its delectable four cheese mangifera (mango pizza) and sinigang na lechon kawali (mango flavor..sounds interesting?). Don't forget to order it's very refreshing mango shake. You would surely enjoy the food and the homey ambiance of Olivia's Kitchen and Island Brew.

Pit Stop Restaurant is the  famous restaurant in  Guimaras. Just like Olivia's Kutchen and Island Brew, it also serves delicious mango pizza. I believe they are the first who introduce the mango pizza in the province. This restaurant also serves Mango Sisig, Mango Bulalo and a lot more of mango- flavoured dishes.

Cafe Conchita is another must-visit food destination in the island province. I'ts located along the main road of Jordan. They are known for serving an all-day breakfast. The interior of the cafe is truly inviting, with a mini stage for occasional band performances .

Cafe Hildegarda is the newest coffee shop in the island of Guimaras, a cafe by Trappist Monastic. You can find this instagrammable coffee shop in Trappist Monsatery. Enjoy the hot mango coffee with dainty slices of gourmet pastries. They also serves frappes, fruit juices, burger and many more. It opens from 8AMt to 7PM, Monday to Sunday.

What to eat in Guimaras

Mango Pizza is a must-eat food in Guimaras. You can find the best mango pizza in Pit Stop Restaurant and Olivia's Kitchen and Island Brew.

Another must-try drink in Guimaras is the Mango Coffee of Cafe Hidelgarda.

Activities To Do In Guimaras

On my next visit to Guimaras, I will definitely go for an island hopping. Will explore some of the Guimaras natural landscapes including Baras Beach, Guimaras, Ave Maria Islet, Natago Island,  and Turtle Island. You can enjoy here swimming, snorkeling, free diving and a lot more.

The Best Time To Visit Guimaras

The best time to visit Guimaras is during summer. You would enjoy here the Mangahan Festival which is celebrated every May. Highlights of the event is held every 22nd of May. Expect street dance parade, food bazaars, live band performances and a lot of  exciting activities during the festival.

Itinerary for 2 days and 1 night

Day 1

07:00 AM - Arrival in Iloilo City, Travel to Ortiz Wharf
07:15 AM - Arrival in Ortiz Wharf, Travel To Jordan, Guimaras
07:30 AM - Arrival in Jordan, Guimaras
07:45 AM Start of the Tour
11:30 AM - Lunch in Pit Stop or Olivia's Restaurant
12:45 PM - Resume of tour
04: 00 PM  Check in at  the resort
07:00 PM - Dinner

Day 2

07:00 AM- Island Hopping
09:00 AM- Back to Alubihod Beach
12;00 NN - Check out at the resort
01:00 OM- Back to Iloilo

How To Get  To Guimaras

From Manila, take a flight going to Iloilo City. Airlines such Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific fly daily to Iloilo City. From the airport, you may take a cab going to the Wharf either to Ortiz Wharf or Parola Wharf. Travel time is around 15- 20 minutes. 

At the port, there are several  tricycle drivers that offer land tours around Guimaras. Standard rate  is from P1200-P1500. If you want to be taken to you hotel or resort, fare is around from P200-P250.

For hassle free tour in Guimaras, I highly recommend Ava Travel and Tours. They offer Guimaras tour packages that include land tours, island hopping, resort accommodation, Iloilo-Guimaras transfer (vice versa) and friendly tour guide. They also offer transport service w/ driver (motorcycle, tricycle, multicab, crosswind, van rental, and pumpboat rental).

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