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After our beach adventure in Manuel Uy resort, we headed to the abandoned theme park known as Fantasy World in Lemery, Batangas.  It took ...

Fantasy World was supposed to be the Disneyland of PH

After our beach adventure in Manuel Uy resort, we headed to the abandoned theme park known as Fantasy World in Lemery, Batangas.  It took us around 45 minutes to reach the park. The castle offered breathtaking views of Taal Lake and Volcano.

As I entered the fascinating yet a little bit scary castle, there a lot of things came in my mind. Why they abandoned the Fantasy World? Is it worth that we push ourselves to go here?  Is there ghosts or bad spirits inside of it? Well, I'm just a bit paranoid that time. LOL! I'm just overwhelmed on what I saw inside. Or perhaps, I'm expecting too much! It was a day of mixed emotions.

Fantasy World was meant to be a huge complex for an amusement, recreation club park, and water park similar to Disneyland. Sad to say, the construction of the theme park halted due to financial problem. Aside from the theme park, the place consists of golf & country club, hotel, condotels and residential houses.

Are you familiar with Majika? It is a 2006 Filipino fantasy-themed television series about wizards, known as Salamangka, that inhabit the world of Saladin, where magic is the way of life. The cast was led by Angel Locsin as Sabina and Dennis Trillo as Argo. And YES, Majika's main set for Saladin was in Fantasy World.

This park is perfect for picture taking especially for soon-to-wed couples as a prenup photo shoot or for girls for their pre-debut pictorial. You can find here some medieval European castles resembling those from fairy tales or ancient history. These castles are also resemble of the castles built by King Ludwig II of Bavarian, Germany.

You can also find inside the park a maze garden, tree houses with hanging bridge and a tower where you can go and feel like Rapunzel. There are also cool rides near the fountain which are no longer working.

These beautiful and colorful structures can be easily seen along Diokno Highway going to Tagaytay. You can add Fantasy World on your itinerary as your sidetrip. But hey, don't expect to much. Like I said, this park is not completed. Hoping that there will be investors that will manage and improve the park.

Overall, I still enjoyed my visit in Fantasy World. It is a perfect venue for picture taking especially for those who love to do OOTD. Honestly, I really love it's location. The place is very relaxing and refreshing especially if you go up to the top the tower. Children and adult alike will surely enjoy spending  the day in a real castle.

For DIY travellers, you can take air-conditioned buses going to Batangas City. 

Fantasy World
Location / Address : Diokno Highway Barangay Mayasang, Lemery, Batangas
Contact numbers: 833-6566, 834-2673, 831-0813, 831-0782

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  1. It looks like a mini Disneyland

  2. it's supposed to the be the Disneyland of the Philippines.