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They say that the first vacation that a couple spends together either strengthens a relationship or destroys it. You are together 24 hours ...

First Vacation Together

They say that the first vacation that a couple spends together either strengthens a relationship or destroys it. You are together 24 hours a day, in an unfamiliar environment, and perhaps in a state of light stress... Here are 8 tips that will help spend the first vacation with each other.

1. Choose a place together

It would better to choose a place where you weren’t. If you insist on a trip to the place you've been to before, be  ready  to   take   responsibility   for   everything: tasteless coffee, uninteresting places or ugly rolled swans from towels. Surely each of you keeps in mind a list of cities and countries that you want to visit most. Write it on a paper in order of importance and compare your lists. Choose the first country that matches both lists.

2. Decide who pays

Did you think that solve the issue of money when split the bill in a restaurant on the first date?  It  is absolutely not  so. A route, a hotel, excursions, etc. will depend on your budget. Therefore, you need to agree on everything before you buy plane tickets. And remember for the future that a talk about money will be in the top 10 of the most difficult conversations of your life.

3. Don’t take a lot of things

There is a saying that it doesn't matter how old your shoes are if you're walking in them in Paris. But most girls, including Russian women, will not agree with this.  Suitcases   of  girls  often  several times  larger  than  men’s ones  and  their things take all the free space.

4.  Be ready to communicate 24/7

The   practice  of   a   two-week   stay   in   one   room  with   a   girlfriend   shows   that separation   is   not   the   most   difficult   test   for   happy   couples.   It   may   be   very difficult to be close to one (even adored by you) person 24/7, especially if you belong to those who value personal space. A common solution doesn’t exist:you either accept and start loving this “presence effect” or draw conclusions and buy an individual tour.

5. Travel with friends

It may seem a crazy idea at first sight. You dreamed about the joint society and each other’s attention for two weeks, but you will have a noisy company in which you unlikely will have the role of the one and only. But, actually, it is a good opportunity to see your true faces. Your friends will show who you really are. You will behave naturally in the company of friends. It is good because every person behaves according to an overstated standard in the first stage of any relationship. So, you will have an opportunity to know a girl from another side.

6. Be loyal to each other

Many   things  may   keep   us   off   balance   when   we   are   on   vacation.   Jealousy, problems with alcohol, long packing - all this may cause a quarrel. Only loyalty will help avoid the weaknesses of a partner: knowing, for example, that your chosen one is a little messy, don’t blame her for this. Just relax and talk to her gently explaining what you don’t like.

7. Feel free to take a lot of photos 

It often happens that one person from a couple only takes photos, and the other one just poses for it. There is a possibility that you will not have any evidence of your joint vacation. This is the rare situation that requires buying a self-stick.

8. Minimize the joint way of life

The advice "just  be yourself", which usually  solves  all  the problems  of the heroes of the sitcoms, doesn’t work. Forget what they taught you. Most likely,this is your first experience of joint life. You will be shy only on the first day,and then you will learn a lot about each other.

Otherwise, there is a risk that a vacation will end with the eruption of Vesuvius, ashes of that will overwhelm a relationship. It is better to keep  quiet about trifles until you reach a maximum of confidence; otherwise, your partner may take offense and withdraw into herself