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5 Loaves & 2 Fish  is one of the great restaurants in the Metro that offers a wide variety of delightful food. This restaurant was owne...

5 Loaves & 2 Fish Restaurant | Soul Food. All Good.

5 Loaves & 2 Fish is one of the great restaurants in the Metro that offers a wide variety of delightful food. This restaurant was owned by Ms. Dinah Grace M. Miro, a loving mother who has a true passion in cooking. The name of 5 Loaves & 2 Fish comes from the bible.

Inside the resto, you will feel you're like inside at home. The ambiance is very pleasing and relaxing. You can find here wooden tables and colorful chairs. There are also wall decorations featuring inspirational messages.

Their staff are really awesome!  They are very friendly and accommodating. I love the way they treat their customers. You will feel like a real boss in this restaurant. 

One of their best sellers is a thin crisp bread called Lavosh (luh-vosh). It is bread that originated in the Turkish region. It's like cracker bread that you can pair with brewed coffee or hot chocolate. Lavosh comes with pesto burlee, tomato coriander salsa, chicken liver pate, and garlic oil with dulong fish. I really like to pair  Lavosh with coriander salsa because I love tomatoes.

If you love veggies, I recommend the Balayan Salad. It is a fresh crisp salad that has fresh green lettuce, chopped fresh tomatoes with "kesong" puti, grated parmesan cheese and tinapa flakes. You can also try the High 5 Salad. This salad greens tossed with flavorful balsamic vinegar, guava puree, green lettuce, candied pili nuts, diced guava fruit , grated parmesan cheese with honey comb bits.

One of my favorites on their menu was BBQ Sparibs. It takes 4 to 6 hours to cook the pork, marinated and glazed with their household BBQ sauce and combined with several spices. Well, the meat was really tender. It's served with steamed rice.

For those who love Beef Salpicao, 5 Loaves & 2 Fish's Beef Salpicao is a must try! Cubes of beef tenderloin, overload of garlic, cooked in olive oil and their household seasonings. The meat was really tender and tasty.

Other foods that you need try include Salmon with Four Cheese, Lengua with olives, and Pasta with Clam. They are all awesome!

After taking your meal, order a slice of cake. 5 Loaves & 2 Fish has a good selection of cakes. They have Mokaffee Jave Malt Cake, Dulce De Leche, Violet Crumble, Mocha Green Tea Cheesecake, Mango Crepe Brulee, BlueBerry Cheesecake, Pink Guave Cheesecake and many. By the way I also recommend their home blend ice tea. It's very refreshing

This Father's Day,  5 Loaves & 2 Fish is giving a free glass of wine for a minimum spending of P1500 single receipt. Promo runs from June 16-18, 2017.

For more details about 5 Loaves & 2 Fish Restaurant, visit their website at www.5loaves2fish.com.ph or email them at info@5loaves2fish.com.ph. 5 Loaves & 2 Fish Restaurant is located at G/F The Rock Lifestyle Hub, Holy Spirit Drive, Don Antonio Heights, Quezon City.

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