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Aurora is famous for its surfing spots in the town of Baler. The province is also known for having unspoiled beaches, amazing rock formatio...

Dingalan Aurora | Travel Guide

Aurora is famous for its surfing spots in the town of Baler. The province is also known for having unspoiled beaches, amazing rock formation and pristine waterfalls. One of the newest tourist destinations in the province that attracts a lot of outdoor enthusiasts is a place called "Dingalan."

Dubbed as the Batanes of the East, Dingalan features breathtaking view of magnificent blue sea and stunning rock formations. No wonder why they compare it to Batanes. This newest attraction has also a lighthouse. You can the feel here the cold breeze of the wind and it's really refreshing. Get an extra careful if you're taking pictures or selfie. Please also don't step on the solar panels because you might break it or you will break if you fall down into the ground.

Dingalan is  3-4 hours drive from Manila which is accessible by road through the Northern Luzon Express Way. Most of the backpackers take public transportation like bus going to Cabanatuan and then via van going to Dingalan Aurora.

How to get to Dingalan Aurora
  • For commute way,  take a 5 star bus in Cubao bound for Cabanatuan. Travel time is around 3 hours. Bus Fare is Php 185.
  • From Cabanatuan, take a van going to Dingalan. Travel time is around 1 and a half to 2 hours. Van Fare is Php100.
  • From Dingalan, take a tricycle going to Feeder Port. Travel Time is 10-15 minutes. Tricycle Fare is Php20
  • From Port, Take boat going to white beach, which is the jump off to Parola. Travel time is around 20 minutes. Boat rental fee is Php700 (2 way). 
Travel Tips

  • Please always consider your budget before traveling. Don't forget to create an itinerary to save money and time
  • Don't forget to bring sunblock and rash guard to protect your skin from the direct heat of the sun. You may also bring cap, hat or any headgear to cover your head or face from the sun.
  • Last trip from Dingalan to Cabnatuan is 3PM-4pM
  • Ride on a Kuliglig, one of the transportation of the locals.
  • Sidetrip in Dingalan includes chasing waterfalls such as Abungan Falls and Laktas Falls in Brgy. Ibona, Tabi Falls and Iyapit Falls in Brgy. Umiray and Tanawan Falls in Brgy. Tanawan. 
  • Overnight is allowed here. You can find here cheap accommodations. You can choose between beach resorts or homestay.
  • Bring your own tent or hammock if you want to save money.
  • It's advisable to wear trekking shoes or sandals. The trail going to Parola is muddy and slippery during rainy season.
  • It's better to go Dingalan in a group to save more money.