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Mt Ulap is one of the popular mountains in the province of Benguet. Its jump off point or entry point is located at Brgy. Ampucao, Itogon....

Mt. Ulap 2016 | Travel Guide

Mt Ulap is one of the popular mountains in the province of Benguet. Its jump off point or entry point is located at Brgy. Ampucao, Itogon. It has 1846 MASL with a difficulty of 3 out 9. Mountaineers or outdoor enthusiasts can take it dayhike or overnight . The mountain features grassland and pine ridges as well the scenic views of the Cordilleras.

photo was shot by Almond Pader

A lot of mountaineers said that Mt Ulap is like a mini Mt. Ugo. Both mountains feature pine and grassland ridges with stunning views of the mountains. Some of the trails are covered with trees (Pine trees) and most are exposed grassland slopes. Near the summit, there're cows around the area enjoying the fresh grass.

Before the trek, everyone needs to register in Brgy. Ampucao and pay the necessary fee and to secure guides. It's a mandatory to get a guide even you are hardcore mountaineer. Guide fee is P500 per day. All of the guides are the locals, which  some of them are students. 

Most of the hikers/ mountaineers preferred dayhike. You can complete the trail around 4 to 6 hours (traverse). Even you are newbie or beginner, you can able to reach the summit and do the traverse. Please expect a long walk. 

Spots that you need to stop include the grassland slopes of Ambunao Paoay, Gungal Rock, Pong-ol Burial Caves and the highest point of Mt. Ulap.

Water resources are not available here. It's advisable to bring more water. Campsites is located in At the Ambunao Paoay.

I recommend to take the traverse instead of the backtrail. It's more fun to see what's on the other side of the mountain. You will be able to see here the Burial Cave where you can find here coffins made up of wood. Please be advised taking picture is not allowed here.

In Sta Fe, you can find here sari sari stores that sell  meryenda like pancit, siomai, palamig, bilo-bilo, etc. They also sell mineral water, soda and juices. Going to the exit point, you will pass by in different hanging bridge which  made up of steel.

How To Get to Mt Ulap/ ITINERARY

1200 Take bus (Victory Liner) from Manila to Baguio
0500 Take jeepney from Baguio to Brgy. Ampucao
0540 ETA Brgy. Ampucao. Head to Barangay hall.
0600 Start trek
0830 ETA Gungol Rock
0930 ETA Mt. Ulap summit
1030 Visit Burial Caves
1200 Arrival at Sta. Fe exit point. Wait for jeepney back to Baguio
1300 Back in Baguio City
1600 ETD Baguio City
2100 ETA Manila

Travel Tips

1. Stretch first your body specially your feet
2. Please bring sunblock to protect your skin from the direct heat of the sun
3. Please wear hat and rash guard (optional)
4. Please bring more water
5. If you will take  dayhike, please bring the important things (Trail food, water, rain coat etc)