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A lot of travelers and recreational outdoor enthusiasts are asking where are the beautiful beaches near the Metro. Yes, there are many amaz...

Direction to Burot Beach Batangas

A lot of travelers and recreational outdoor enthusiasts are asking where are the beautiful beaches near the Metro. Yes, there are many amazing beaches near the city that offer magnificent view of the sea, white powdery sand, and crystal clear water. One of these beaches is Burot Beach.

Burot Beach is one of the favorite beaches of backpackers and weekend travelers. It is a remote beach located along the shores of Calatagan, Batangas. This beach offers semi-fine cream sand beach kissed by pristine clear waters, beautiful rock formations and unspoiled natural resources.

Formerly known as "Elizalde beach", it is a private property of SM Group of Companies which is undeveloped and unspoiled. It's open to the public everyday.  Travel time from Manila to Calatagan will take 3-4 hours with the use of a public transportation or a private car

How to go to Burot Beach Batangas

There are lots of buses that offer Manila to Batangas trips everyday. One of the bus lines that offers Catagan-bound trips is DLTB. Their terminal is located in Cubao Quezon City and Pasay City. Fare is aroun Php180- P200 per person. Drop off at Calatagan Market, From there, hire a  hire a tricycle for Php150.00-Php200. Travel time from Manila to Calatagah will take 3-4 hours. 

Another option to go to Burot Beach is by van. There are vans available going to Calatagan. The van terminals is located near the Kabayan Hotel Taft Station. Fare is Php180.00/person. First trip is 3:30am and last trip to Calatagn is at 7:00pm Travel time is approximately 3 to 4 hours.

For a private car, take (SLEX) and exit Sta Rosa Laguna passing Tagaytay and taking the Nasugbu Road. You will pass by the town of Lian then Calatagan. a Caltex Gasoline Station will serve as your landmark. Straight ahead and pass by the CADP (Central Azucarera Don Pedro) Sugar Refinery, take a left at the intersection ( Shell and I-Gas Gasoline Stations are some of the landmarks). Once you see Sto. Domingo Church, turn right Once you reach Calatagan, look for the public market or Talipapa. Asked for the locals on how to go to the beach.

Travel Tips/ Reminders

1. There's no accommodation or resort in the beach (There are available nipa/cottages in the area)
2. Don't expect high-end restroom
3. Bring your own tent as possible (there's a tent available in the area)
4. Bring flashlight, headlamp, candle, whatever that can create a light.
5. Get an extra careful with sea urchins and jellyfish
6. There's no electricity in the area.
7. It's better bring your food
8. Don't forget to bring sunblock to protect your skin from the direct heat of the sun
9. Bring your camera (digicam, DSLR, gopro) or your smartphone for selfies and group pictures
10. Prepare for the Entrance and Parking fee
10. Overnight or day tour is allowed
11. No need for tour guide

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