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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when someone asks you about Nueva Ecija? For sure a lot of you would say ricefields. The pro...

Lakbay Norte 2021: Things to do in Nueva Ecija

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when someone asks you about Nueva Ecija? For sure a lot of you would say ricefields. The province is nationally known as the "Rice Granary of the Philippines" or "Rice Bowl of the Philippines," producing the largest rice yield in the country. But aside from their overwhelming ricefields, Nueva Ecija has lots to offer in terms of natural attractions and farm adventures.

NLEX Lakbay Norte is an NLEX Corporation initiative that aims to promote safe and fun travel by highlighting destinations in the North. As tourism starts to recover, NLEX Lakbay Norte hopes to help the industry spark that wanderlust dream and once again satisfy the travel itch. This time, NLEX Lakbay Norte 2021 featured Nueva Ecija. 

The tour began in the NLEX Balintawak Toll Plaza. The NLEX Patrol crew shared the safety programs being implemented in NLEX. The team also shared that they ensure the 24/7 safety of an expressway accommodating over 260,000 motorists per day- from the use of speed guns, regular patrolling, handling distressed motorists, to responding quickly to accidents. 

Our first stop was in Colosboa Hills. It's an outdoor park in Cuyapo featuring biking trails, a picnic area and a refreshing view of rolling hills, Mt. Bangkay and Mt. and Mt Bulaylay. There's also a small restaurant called  Tambayan Ni Berto that serves delicious Filipino dishes and freshly brewed coffee. 

Our next stop was in Argamos Farm. The owner shared that this property was their resthouse that turned into a resort-style and event place. This sprawling 5-hectare property features Balinese-inspired cottages surrounded by several tropical trees and plants. It has also a mini lagoon that serves as a perfect spot for weddings and several occasions.  During our visit, they served lunch and they're all awesome especially the soup. 

Natividad Farmhouse is one of the great places in Guimba if you want to be closer to nature. Don't think it's a simple farmhouse, it has cozy rooms and an outdoor swimming pool. It has also a venue where you can celebrate your special celebrations. What's the good thing about Natividad Farmhouse, you are free to interact with their animals. Don't forget to take a photo with their adorable sheep.

Visiting a farm is truly a great experience in Nueva Ecija. Myriad Farms is a must-visit farm in the town of Guimba- a working farm surrounded by varieties of fruit-bearing trees, vegetables and rice fields. 

We stayed overnight at the Farm Ridge by Desmond Farm. It features hilltop cabins that offer a breathtaking view of Sierra Madre mountains and Pantabangan Lake. Each cabin features a comfy bed covered with fresh linens. Some rooms come with a mini private pool.  

On our second day, we visited the Forest Garden. It features Instagramable wooden art installations with a majestic view of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range. 

If you are looking for the best hotel in Nueva Ecija, I highly recommend Highland Bali Villas. It's a luxury hotel featuring well-furnished villas, an infinity pool, a bar and a restaurant. Choose from their several water sports activities or indulge in a relaxing massage and spa treatments. Don't also forget to try their very famous Spanish bread. I swear, it's delicious! 

Last stop: Cabanatuan City. Here, you'll find the historic plaza fronting San Nicholas of Tolentino Parish, or Cabanatuan Cathedral, where General Antonio Luna was assassinated. A monument dedicated to the slain general, along with other memorials, can be found in Freedom Park nearby. 

For lunch, make sure to try well-loved Filipino dishes at Hapag Vicenticos, including "Putok Batok," a sinful good for sharing platter of crispy pata, chicharon bulaklak, adobong alige, and lechon kawali. If you prefer light snacks, head to O Quadro Cafe for sumptuous sandwiches, pasta, and Nespresso coffee. End your meal on a sweet note with a scoop of Puno's Ice Cream, a homegrown cold dessert that boasts an assortment of creamy flavors, from good old ice cream to fruit sherbet.

With NLEX Labay Norte's scenic stop and routes, you can make the most of your stay in Nueva Ecija and experience never-ending fun! New Normal new travel rules, new destination to discover! Let's satisfy that wanderlust, one trip at a time.