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We are still on the quarantine period and maybe some of you are wondering if Starbucks will continue to offer the Christmas Collection and ...

Starbucks Christmas 2020 Collection Unveiled!

We are still on the quarantine period and maybe some of you are wondering if Starbucks will continue to offer the Christmas Collection and Starbucks Planners. The answer is YES! The much-awaited 2021 Starbucks planners and organizers will be available  soon in your favorite Starbucks store. 

While you are waiting for the launching of the 2021 Starbucks planners and journals, let me show first some of the featured merchandise, food and beverages to savor the flavors of Christmas. 

Let's start with the Starbucks Holiday Bling Cups. These must-have Iridescent Cold Cups will surely suit your dazzling look. With their textured surface and debossed logo, these new trendy colored cold cups are the perfect accessory to match the holiday vibe. Available in iridescent color of pink and rainbow hues for Php1,695

Another cool items to collect are the Starbucks Pearl Hot Cup, 16oz. Each cup has a glossy pearl effect to make drinking more festive & sparkling. Sanitized and ready to use. Available in Blue, Pink, Green and Silver for Php125 (each cup sold separately).

Starbucks also unveiled the Starbucks Copper Gem Collection. It’s a collection of glam minimalist look with unique shape and artwork in Matte black and glossy copper finish.

They will also offer Starbucks Home for the Holidays Collection. It features  a warm and cheerful home setting, celebrating the enchantment of holiday season with adorable furry dog & cat friends in a mix of classic red and green hues with a highlight of camel brown and white to bring holiday spirit to life. 

Let’s talk  now with their holiday beverages. Let's me begin with the Jolly Baked Apple Latte.  It’s creamy blend of Starbucks® signature espresso, steamed milk and spiced apples, the new Jolly Baked Apple Latte is a multi-sensory holiday delight. The Jolly Baked Apple Latte is topped with a whipped cream dome, a delicate drizzle of baked apple sauce and candied apple sprinkles for the perfect holiday touch.

There’s a returning favorite called TOFFEE NUT CRUNCH LATTE. It has comforting layers of buttery toffee nut balanced by subtle sweet notes of toasted nuts, Starbucks® signature espresso and velvety steamed milk. The beverage is finished with a whipped cream peak and a sprinkle of crunchy toffee nut topping. 

Another fan favorite is called the Peppermint Mocha. Inspired by the flavors of traditional holiday candies, the Peppermint Mocha is made with Starbucks® signature espresso and steamed milk, chocolatey mocha sauce and peppermint. Topped with whipped cream, mocha drizzle and candy cane pieces, this special holiday beverage is returning for the 18th year to celebrate the joys and flavors of the holiday season all over again.

These three featured beverages are available hot, iced or blended for P180/tall, P195/Grande and P210/Venti.

Aside from the holiday beverages Starbucks also unveiled its mouth-watering cakes and cookies that you will surely enjoy this holiday season.

Chocolate Crepe Cake

This holiday season, Starbucks will also offer the returning favorite, Chocolate Crepe Cake. It has Seventeen (17) layers of crêpe with smooth and creamy chocolate cream filling. It’s available for P200 per slice and P1600 for the whole cake. 

Apple Berry Crumble Cheesecake

One of their newest cakes is called Apple Berry Crumble Cheesecake. It’s smooth and creamy cheesecake loaded with apples, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and topped with butter crumbles. You can get this for P200 per slice and P2000 for the whole cake. 

Triple Chocolate Cake

Another one is the Triple Chocolate Cake. It’s made with Belgian chocolate. Layers of gooey brownie, rich chocolate cake, light vanilla cake, velvety dark and milk chocolate mousse then finished with dark, milks and white chocolate cream frosting. It’s available for P200 per slice and P1600 for the whole cake.

Holiday Coffee Cake

The last cake I’m going to introduce to you is called the Holiday Coffee Cake. It has layers of moist coffee cake, soft to chew meringue, smooth creamy coffee mousse finished with white chocolate cream icing. You can also get this P200 per slice and P1600 for the whole cake.

You will also enjoy these pastries like Chocolate Chip Overload Cookie, Chocolate Chip Doughnut, PBJ Doughnut, Prosciutto Cotto and Mozzarela Panzerotti, Mushroom Bun, Holiday Ham, Eggwhite, Cheese on Croissant Bun and Chicken Fajita Roll. 

This holiday season, Starbucks will also offer New Ready-to- Drink which is perfect for road trips, work from home and for gatherings. You can choose from  Starbucks Doubleshot Milky Espresso, Starbucks Doubleshot Dark Mocha, Starbucks Bottled Caramel Frappuccino and Starbucks Bottled Vanilla Frappucino.

Pricing and availability of 2021 Starbucks planners, organizers and Christmas cards will be unveiled on the 2nd of November.  Stay tuned on the blog for more updates

Catch the flavors of Christmas this season at Starbucks. To be updated about the 2021 Starbucks planners, organizers and other merchandisers, you may follow Starbucks Philippines Facebook page or visiting www.starbucks.ph.