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There's no question that international travel can truly be a life-changing experience, and for people who add volunteering to that mix...

Volunteering Abroad: Why You Should Look at the Philippines!

There's no question that international travel can truly be a life-changing experience, and for people who add volunteering to that mix to make sure they're doing some good along the way, that impact can be even greater. What's better than seeing the world while also making a difference? 

Volunteering abroad has become an incredibly popular option for high school graduates wanting to take a gap year that looks good on the resume, college students wanting to make a difference while also having more world experience, or even individuals looking to make a difference and do something different for a while.

There are many reasons to look at volunteering around the world, and there are few places that should be as appealing as The Philippines!

A Wonderful & Unique Country

The Philippines have a lot going for them. A nation of over 7,600 islands, this nation has a diverse ecosystem of unique tropical jungles, beautiful white sand beaches, rolling agricultural fields in rural areas, and impressive urban cities. There are incredible diving and snorkeling experiences in abundance, and the people are known for being hospitable and friendly. There's a lot to love about the special blend of cultures that makes the Philippines such a truly unique location and culture.

This also makes it a remarkable country to visit, experience, and there is still plenty of need for eager volunteers willing to help. 

Many Different Volunteer Opportunities

When volunteering abroad one of the big things is to make sure to match up with a program that meets your skills and your needs. After all, "volunteer" is just such a really broad term or phrase and can encompass a wide array of different activities.

Do a little bit of research ahead of time. Not only do you want to find those programs that meet your needs and the experiences you want, but also what parts of the Philippines you will be spending the most time in. There are a wide array of different places to see throughout this amazing country, and chances are the type of volunteering you want to do will be offered in multiple areas so why not match up where you want to see with what you want to do?

Do You Love Marine Life?

The Philippines are an amazing place when it comes to marine biology, and that is part of the reason there are so many different options when it comes to marine research, environmental protection, and working with local fishing for sustainable practices.

In other words, there are many different directions to take if you are particularly passionate about wildlife, conservation, or biology. Some of these programs will focus very carefully on diving to gather information for conservation efforts, there are plenty of efforts for researching more about local marine life and environments, as well.

If you love working with wildlife but understand the need for food for people and aren't huge into diving, consider going the route of working with local agriculture and fishermen to create practices that are sustainable and can provide food without damaging the environment long-term.

Do You Love Working with Kids?

Volunteering abroad often means working with kids, and for some people, that is the ideal situation. Few things light up your life like the look of a smile on a child's face or the infectious excitement that can come uniquely from small children. 

There are plenty of options for working with children in the Philippines ranging from providing medical services to poor or underserved areas, teaching (especially teaching English), volunteering around understaffed orphanages, and more. In other words, if you love children and you love working with kids then there is no shortage of volunteer options that are going to meet everything you could want and more.

There's a lot of various educational opportunities ranging from traditional school courses to things like nutritional education, medical education, farming & fishing education, and more. Do a major deep dive here and you might be surprised just how many options there are.

High Demand for Medical Professionals

There's no question that wherever volunteers are wanted, there are almost certainly going to be a need for medical professionals, as well. The truth is the same of the Philippines where the sheer number of various islands, towns, and cities mean that it can be very difficult to make sure that the infrastructure is in place to get all the medical care where it is needed.

Whether an actual doctor, nurse, a student studying for these future professions, or even just a volunteer willing to undergo training, there is always a need for competent individuals who are looking to give a hand to a medical mission. There are plenty of needs for this in both urban and rural centers, and this provides the ability to volunteer across most areas of the country as the need is very high.

Are You Good with Your Hands?

While many people think about the mental side of volunteering or the need for specialists, there is also a high demand for people who are just good with their hands. Building homes, repairing homes, helping with digging wells or necessary irrigation ditches - there are plenty of demands for more labor in many rural areas and having construction or carpentry background is a plus but in many cases here being willing to work hard, learn basic skills, and be relentless in working side by side with locals to build a better community will be enough to really get the job done.

In Conclusion

When it comes to volunteering abroad, there are plenty of options available! Whatever your particular set of skills or whatever your focus is, there is almost certainly an option that can meet all of that and help you enjoy seeing a new place while truly making a difference in the lives of those who live there. This is an amazing experience and arguably the best way to see a new place as the memories that last a lifetime are also touched by the difference you made while traveling. If you’re curious and want to learn more, you can check out some of the best volunteering abroad programs from Volunteer World.