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Summer is not yet over. And the best way to enjoy the heat of the sun is to go a place where you can chill and relax. One of the destinatio...

Sunflower Lounge, Unicornzilla, Vortex are Inflatable Island's Newest Attractions

Summer is not yet over. And the best way to enjoy the heat of the sun is to go a place where you can chill and relax. One of the destinations that I recommend to visit is the Inflatable Island in Olangapo, a beautiful destination which 2 hours away by car from Manila.

In my recent trip to Zambales, I visited the Inflatable Island in Samba Bluewater Resort, the famous floating playground in the Philippines. One of my favorite attractions here is the Pink and Yellow Bali Lounge. It's decorated with very inviting pink and yellow bean bags and umbrellas. You can stay here for FREE. It has the best view of the giant Unicorn.

The Sunflower Lounge is one the newest attractions which features giant sunflowers and yellow day beds with comfy pillows. Entrance fee is for P1500 (good for 4 pax) which includes pototo chips, french fries and refreshing juices, served on a super cute food boat. You can also order a "food bilao" filled of white rice, grilled pork, chicken, steam veggies, red eggs, fresh fruits and a lot more.

No need to worry about the direct heat of the sun, there's available big lavender umbrella on each bed. The Sun Flower Lounge itruly a perfect spot to rest while chatting with your family and friends. If you want also a great place for your photos and videos, this is the right place. Any spot here is instagrammable.

By the way, the Inflatble Island is floating on the waters of Subic Bay, located in Samba Bluewater Resort, Lower Kalaklan, Olongapo City, Zambales (outside the Freeport Zone). It features several slides, towers, a rainbow walk, bridges, human launchers and swings and a lot moreThis 3,400 sqm amazing playground is composed of different inflatable obstacles which is suitable for kids and adults!

The Unicornzilla is another attraction that you shouldn't miss if you are in Infltable Island. It's a giant inflatable unicorn standing at five stories tall. It's said to be the biggest unicorn in entire world. You can enjoy the swimming pool on top which can accommodate up to 20 pax. You can only escape from the pool by sliding down on its colorful rainbow tail.

For the adventurous travelers, the 30-foot Vortex is the right slide for you. You need to climb, jump, roll, slide and swim. No worries, you are safe here and you would enjoy on this newest attraction in Infltable Island.

For millenials out there, the Inflatable Island is the right place for you. It's perfect for the gram! You would definitely enjoy the good vibes of the place. From giant sunflowers, colorful umbrellas and  bean bags to challenging inflatable slides,  everything is perfect for picture taking.

How to get to Inflatable Island PH

1.  Take a Victory Liner bus bound for Olangapo. Fare is P230 via SCTEX. Travel time is 2-3 hours
2. From Olangapo, ride a blue jeepney. Landmark is Chowking. Tell the driver to drop you off in Samba Bluewater Resort formerly known as Halfmoon Resort. Fare is P9 and travel time is 20 minutes.

Other option is to ride a bus bound for Iba Zambales and tell the driver drop you off in Samba Bluewater Resort.

Inflatable Island is open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Ticket prices range from P499 (one hour) to P899 (whole day). For more information, visit Inflatable Island's website at www.theinflatableisland.com.