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Every Lenten season, a lot of local and international tourists are traveling to the province of Marinduque to witness one of the oldest re...

Best Places To Visit In Marinduque

Every Lenten season, a lot of local and international tourists are traveling to the province of Marinduque to witness one of the oldest religious festivals in the Philippines, the Moriones Festival. It is an annual event celebrated during Holy Week where men and women in costumes and masks replicating the garb of biblical Roman soldier. But aside from being a festive destination, there are many reasons why to visit Marinduque any time of the year. I have listed some of the most popular tourist spots and attractions in Mariduque.

In our recent famtour in Marinduque, we visited some of the beautiful destinations that you should not miss to visit if you are in this province. Enjoy their white-sand beaches, heritage sites, man-made attractions and local delicacies. By the way, both of my parents are from Marinduque. They grew up in the quiet town of  Sta. Cruz.

Luzon Datum of 911

Located on top of "Mataas na Bundok," the Luzon Datum of 911 was the base for the first modern survey of the Philippine Islands. The marker is considered as the "center of  the Philippines." This place is now considered as one of  the best tourist destinations in the town of Mogpog. To reach the viewing deck, you need to climb over 400 concrete steps. No worries, the view from the top is spectacular and breath-taking.  It's a perfect place to watch the sunset.

Poctoy White Beach

This pristine white beach in Torrijos is definitely a must-see destination especially for beach lovers. It features a long stretch of white sand beach, clear waters, and dotted with coconut trees. From the beach, you can see the outstanding view of Mt. Malindig. Accommodations, cottages, tent and mini stores are available near the beach.

St. Joseph Church in Gasan

The St. Joseph Parish Church is located at the top of a hill, overlooking the coastline and town of Gasan. It's one of  the oldest churches in the Marinduque. The massive structure of the church is highlighted by the symmetry and splendor of the interiors.

Mt. Malindig 

Mount Malindig is the highest peak in the province having an elevation of 1,157 metres (3,796 ft) above sea level. It's also the most popular mountain destination (day hike) in the island for mountaineers and alike, known to be a mossy and closed canopy forest trek with regular foggy surroundings.

Tres Reyes islands 

The Tres Reyes Islands, also called the "Three Kings,” since the islands are named after the three kings: Gaspar, Melchor, and Baltazar. You can reach the islands in more or less half an hour by boat. Due to the limited time, we're not able to visit the these islands. Will definitely go here soon!

Gasan Sea View Park

The Gasan Sea View Park is a public park where everyone can chill and relax while looking the beautiful sea. You can find here several life-size sculptures or models of prehistoric animals, especially dinosaurs are displayed. There's also a Instagram-worthy hanging bridge with the view of Gasan's coastline.


Bellarocca is a beautiful resort and Spa located in a small mountain island of the southern coast of Marinduque. Unfortunately, it's already closed. With the opening of direct flights to Marinduque, hoping this Santorini-Inspired resort will be opened again soon to the public.

Molbog Sulfur Spring 

This hot spring in the town of Buenavista is a must visit-spot in Marinduque. Local and foreign tourists are going here to  dip their body into the sulfur water which is said to  have therapeutic properties that heal certain skin diseases, and the heat and minerals also can soothe muscles and improve blood circulation.

Maniwaya Island

Maniwaya Island is part of the town of Sta Cruz in Marinduque which is less than an hour of boat ride away from the main island. It's home of one of the famous sandbars in the Philippines, the Palad Sandbar. It features long stretches of fine, white sand beach, crystalline turquoise waters, amazing rock formations and beautiful snorkeling spots.

Butterfly Farm 

If you love to see butterflies in different sizes and colors, the Marl Insect and Butterfly Garden is the right place for you. It's a garden where you can find several butterfly species live and breed. You can walk around and interact with butterflies.

Bagumbungan Cave

Bagumbungan Cave is located Sitio Puti Brgy. San Isidro, Sta. Cruz Marinduque. It is a 1.9 km. long cave featuring stalactites and stalagmites formations. If you are adventure seeker, spelunking in Bagumbungan Cave is the perfect destination for you.

Where to eat in Marinduque

A great place to eat in Marinduque is Mamita’s Cafe. It's a mini restaurant located at the ground level of Boac Hotel. It offers a lot of mouth -watering dishes. We tried the Bulalo, Fried Tanigue and Blue Marlin, vegetables salad, Minakla (crayfish /lobster) and vegetables cooked in coconut milk. They're all flavorful and delicious. It's also the home of  the best pasalubong.

Where to stay in Marinduque

Balar Hotel and Spa is the newest hotel in Marinduque. It features comfy rooms with spa, on site bar resto, 24hr reception and a private beach area. Free WiFi is available in all rooms as well.  Every room  comes with flat-screen TV, desk, fresh towels, complimentary toiletries and coffee facility. In front of the hotel, you can find the 10 yr old cafe which offers several beverages especially coffee and tea.

Boac Hotel is one of the oldest hotels in Marinduque. It has a cozy ambiance with a touch of oriental architecture. Its location is very accessible to some historical sites in Boac. Visitors can choose from ordinary room, standard room, deluxe room to suite. Rate starts from P800 to P2900. Contact number is (042) 332-2065.

By the way, thank you to our lovely Marinduquenios who participated in “Putong”, a song of thanksgiving, hope and prayer for a long life.  The ceremony involves of dancing and singing, and participants gave us fresh flowers and crown, which made us all feel VIP.

How To Get There

By Air

Cebu Paicific offers direct flights to Marinduque thrice weekly. Flights to the island province will take less than an hour compared to the eight to nine hours of travel by land and ferry. Flights are scheduled every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, out of the NAIA Terminal 4 (Manila Domestic Terminal) in Manila.

By Land and Ferry

Take a bus bound for  Lucena Grand Terminal or Dalahican Fort. From there, you may take a ferry/ RORO to Balanacan Port in Mogpog , Cawit Port, or Buyabod Port in Sta Cruz. 

Thanks Cebu Pacific for inviting me to the inaugular flight to Marinduque. Thanks also to everyone from Marinduque especially our friends from Dream Favor Travel and Tours for showing us the beauty of your province .

Don't forget to check flights from Manila to Marinduque via Cebu Pacific. For schedule and rates check out: www.cebupacificair.com/