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Mt. Tangwa and Mt. Ngusong Kabayo are the newest mountains opened in Rizal. My brother and I decided to have it as a day hike activity pr...

Mt. Tangwa and Mt. Ngusong Kabayo | A new hiking destination in Rizal

Mt. Tangwa and Mt. Ngusong Kabayo are the newest mountains opened in Rizal. My brother and I decided to have it as a day hike activity primarily because of proximity and I have a work the following day. Its jump-off point is located at Barangay Laiban in the town of Tanay, which is only 2-3 hours away from Metro Manila.

Mt. Tangwa and Mt. Ngusong Kabayo are two of the smaller mountains in Rizal. These are considered as minor hiking destinations, a perfect place for those new in hiking. For seasoned mountaineers, climbing these mountains can be completed in 2 - 2.5 hours, or even 1.5 - 2 hours.

We left Cubao around 4AM in Cubao. It was a smooth road trip going out of the Metro. The weather was great and traffic was very cooperative. We arrived early in Mayagay 1. We took habal habal (motor ride) and prepared ourselves for a 45-minute travel going to Barangay Hall.

Going to Barangay Laiban was not that easy. We passed in concrete and rough roads as well in small rocky streams. It's not advisable to bring your own car. Level of the water in some streams are above the knee (especially if it's raining). Only big vans, jeepneys with big wheels and 4x4 trucks can pass the stream. Travel time from the habal habal terminal is around 45 minutes.

We registered at the Barangay Hall first. We paid P80 and this fee include registration and fee for all the destinations we're going to visit. According to our guide we will visit Mount Ngusong Kabayo, Mount Tangwa, Puting Bato River and Laiban Falls.

Expect a muddy trail going to the summit. It's advisable to wear leggings and long sleeve shirts or any protection to your hands. You will encounter lots of tall cogon grasses and buho – a kind of bamboo. Some of them are pointed and sharp. Wearing a pair of slippers is a no no specially if it's raining. The road is muddy and slippery. 

At the summit, our guide pointed the nearby mountains like Mt. Maynoba, Mt Cayabu, Mt Paliparan and Mt Daraitan. It has a superb 360 degree viewpoint.The air was really refreshing and relaxing. We stayed here for a couple of minutes to take photos and to take some rest. 

From the summit we took a traverse going to Laiban Falls. Going down to the river was a bit challenging.  You need to have extra careful while walking. My brother and I, including our guide, slid and stumbled multiple times. We passed in a river and an area where limatics are residing. Our guide told us to run faster as we can. I know it sounds crazy but we need to do it to avoid those blood suckers lol.

I really enjoyed the cold water in Laiban Falls. We stayed here for more almost hour. We took a lot of photos here. My brother also enjoyed the flowing water from the top. It's very relaxing after a non stop of walking. 

How to get there?

  • Take a jeepney from Cubao going to Cogeo  and tell the driver to drop you of near the jeepney terminal going to  Sampaloc-P25
  • From Cogeo (jeepney terminal),  take a jeepney going to Sampaloc and tell the driver to drop you off at Mayagay 1 -P55
  • Next, take habal habal going to Brgy Laiban -P100

Other Expenses 

  • Register at the Brgy Hall -P80 includes the registration fee and all the destinations mentioned above
  • Guide fee is P500

Travel Guide / Tips

  • It will take 2-3 hours to reach the summit
  • Expect rough and muddy road /trail
  • You will pass through a river to reach Laiban Falls (the water level is below the knee)
  • It's advisable to wear sandals/shoes
  • Bring enough water and trail food
  • Overnight is not yet allowed
  • Bring sunblock or travel essentials that will protect you from the direct heat of the sun
  • Limatics reside in one of the trails near the Laiban Falls
  • Lomi is availble in one of the Kagawad's house for only P35