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If you are looking for a budget friendly white beach near Manila, Masasa Beach in Tingloy Island is the place to be. The beach can be reac...

A Quick Escape To Masasa Beach

If you are looking for a budget friendly white beach near Manila, Masasa Beach in Tingloy Island is the place to be. The beach can be reached from Mabini Batangas via a 45- minute motorboat ride.

Masasa Beach features white sand with pebbles and broken corals along the coastline. The water here is clear and seaweed-free unlike in  Burot beach. You can also find some small fishing boats docked along stretch of the shore.

One of  the exciting to do in Masasa Beach is snorkeling. Free diving is also recommended to do. You can find lots of beautiful corals under the pristine turquoise waters. During lowtide, you can find in the reefs some amazing creatures such as blowfish, crabs, sea urchins, sea slugs, sea cucumbers, colorful fishes and many more.

Masasa is a public beach. There is no entrance fee. Pitching of tent is also for FREE. There are no caretakers in the beach. No wonder why some parts of the beach are dirty. You can find lots of garbage near the shore and big rocks.

I really recommned everyone not to throw your trash any where you want. Follow the 'Leave No Trace' rule. You can also conduct or join in cleaning program in the beach.

How to get to Masasa Beach
  • Take a bus going to Batangas Grand Terminal. You can take Jam in Buendia or Kamias Quezon City. Travel time is two hours
  • From Grand Terminal, take a jeep bound Mabini. Tell the driver you will go to Tingloy Island. The driver will drop you off in Talaga Port. Travel Time is 45 minutes to 1 hour
  • Take the boat to Tingloy Island. Travel time is 30-45  minutes
  • From the Port, take  a tricycle and tell the driver you will go to Masasa Beach.  You need to walk and pass ricefields before you reach the beach.

Expenses/ Budget

Buendia to Batangas Grand Terminal (Bus)- P157
Grand Terminal to Mabini (Jeep)- P37
Mabini/Talaga Port to Tingloy Island (boat)- P65
Tingloy Port to Jump off point of Masasa Beach (Tricycle)- P15/pax - P60/special

Travel Guide/ Reminders / Tips
  • Boats are docked either in Talaga Port  (Habagat) or Anilao Port (Amihan) depends on the weather
  • First trip in Anilao/Talaga porst starts at 10AM
  • Last trip of boat from Mabini (Talaga Port) is 3PM
  • Banca schedule from Tingloy island is from 6AM-9AM
  • Private boat starts at P1500 depends on  the number of pax. Boat rental includes island hopping
  • Check out  the "lagoon',one of the best spots of Masasa Beach
  • It's advisable to wear sandals or slippers when swimming or walking along the shore. 
  • Overnight / Camping at night is not allowed at this time
  • Don't expect too much in the beach
There are no resorts or hotels in the beach. Camping is only allowed on daytour. If you want to stay overnight, there are available transient house or homestay for P200 a day. Look for Aling Rosie at 09196864368

If you have other reviews, opinions or comments about Masasa Beach please put a comment below. Happy travelling!


  1. Nice. :) kelsn po kayo nagmasasa? :)

  2. Nice. :) kelsn po kayo nagmasasa? :)

  3. Overnight / Camping at night is not allowed at this time.
    If you want to stay overnight, bring your own tent.

    di ko po na gets tong dalawang to? sooo pwede po mag camping? or hindi?

    1. naupdate ko na po ung blog.. ksi dati puede mag overnight sa beach, ngayon di na po cia allowed.thanks

  4. Hi there.. Overnight hindi na po cia puede sa beach.. ibig ko lng sabihin puede pa rin mag tent sa umaga kso sa gabi hindi na po puede magtent sa beach..

  5. 10am pa po start ng travel from talaga? and then hanggang 9am lang travel from tingloy ? Sorry di ko naintindihan,pagkakaintindi ko kung 10am pa sa talag ,di ko na maaabutan yung sa tingloy ...

    1. sorry po for the confusion. From talaga port (Mabini) to tingloy island starts po at 10am.. pero ung pabalik from tingloy island is from 6am po.. advisable tlga n overnight sa masasa beach

  6. Hi. Paano po makapunta sa lagoon? Need po ba mgrent ng boat? Thanks