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Recently, our travel group, The Road Trippers , celebrated our annual Christmas party in an ultra-comfy serviced boutique residences, the K...

The Road Trippers Celebrate Holiday at KL Tower Serviced Residences

Recently, our travel group, The Road Trippers, celebrated our annual Christmas party in an ultra-comfy serviced boutique residences, the KL Tower Serviced Residences.

KL Tower Serviced Residences is located at 117 Gamboa St., Legaspi Village, Makati City. It's stood right infront of the Legazpi Park, which is used for outdoor recreation, picnic and weekend market or bazaar. The building is also 10-minute walk away to Greenbelt Mall, Glorieta Mall and SM Mall.

Upon entering the building, we were welcomed with a cozy reception area. The staff were friendly and I really felt that they're focus on what I'm asking. I'm giving you kudos for that! Yey! On the right side of reception area, you can find a restaurant which serve Filipino and Mediterranean cuisines.

KL Tower is like a condo-hotel. Each room is fully furnished. It has swimming pool, gym, sauna, play area, and function room. Their facilities and amenities are free of use for their guests.

Our room was spacious. The enticing recreation area (sala) was big enough for our group. There's a sleeping room with queen size bed covered with super soft white bed sheet. On its side was a working room where you can find a built-in table, which you can also be used as a storage.

There're two restrooms (CR), one was located near the main door and the other one was located inside the bedroom. Their bathrooms were clean. It has cold and hot shower. Just like in other hotels, KL Tower also provides complimentary soap, shampoo and conditioner.

One of the best area in our room was the veranda. You can find here the Makati view featuring lots of buildings, houses and other infrastructures. This area is the best take selfies (be careful) and talk with your friends and loved ones while drinking juice or coffee. For smokers out there, you can smoke anytime here..

We really felt like we're at home. The room is equipped with full kitchenettes set up. We're able to cook our food, stored our food in refrigerator and washed dishes. The kitchen has stainless steel electric kettle for the hot water and an oven to heat your food or to bake. There's also a big table between the kitchen and living area.

The living room is equipped with a long sofa with a table, telephone, and a HD capable cable TV. We watched local tv show and movies over HBO HD and other cable channels.

Our party was really a blast. We enjoyed the games, raffle, food and the bonding of each members. This year was the best party so far as a group coz we're almost complete. I'm so happy to be part of this group.

Thank you for our sponsors Figaro, Angels Pizza, General Lechon and KL Tower Serviced Residences..

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