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Aside from the natural and man-made wonders, tourists are looking for unique delicacies in Batanes . The island is considered as a food hav...

Where to eat in Batanes

Aside from the natural and man-made wonders, tourists are looking for unique delicacies in Batanes. The island is considered as a food haven in the north, where it features restaurants and cafes offering a great selection of sumptuous and mouth-watering dishes.

Pizza lovers will definitely enjoy the menu in Casa Napoli.  It is a home-grown restaurant that offers mouth-watering pizza. The  ingredients on its pizza are always fresh and homegrown which consist of owned made dough, garlic and cheese, ham and cheese, pepperoni, hawaiian, among others.

Bunker's Cafe is one of the famous coffee houses in Basco. It's specifically located Naidi Hills, which will give you the best view of Batanes’ sunset panorama. The cafe is a few steps away from one of the famous Basco Lighthouse. The best seller dish in this resto-cafe is “Adobo with Palek". It's a local adobo consists of pork seasoned with garlic and sugarcane wine (local wine).

If you stay in Fundacion Pacita, there's no need o worry on food. The hotel restaurant that offers delicious cuisines. Most of its clients are ordering seafood dishes like fresh lobsters, shrimps, fishes, etc. Fundacion Pacita also serve local cuisines like Ivatan Adobo(Lunis) and Fern Salad (Tamiduk).

You can find Ivatan cuisines in Pension Ivatan Restaurant. The hotel-restaurant is known for offering mouth-watering Ivatan cuisines,  Ivatan Platter. It consists of Turmeric (yellow ginger) Rice, Grilled Dibang (flying fish),Steamed Payi (Lobsters), Steamed Tatus (Coconut Crabs),  Inihaw na Tadyang ng Baka,,Uvud Balls (Banana pith mixed with minced meat), Grilled Tuna,  Luñis (Ivatan version of adobo), Vunes (dried taro stalks), and  Fern Salad. 

Most of the restaurants in Batanes are offering an authentic Ivatan cuisines such us "uvud," which made of banana pith, fish, local herbs, and yellow ginger rice. You can also ask for fresh "tatus," or coconut crabs.

Traveling will not be completed if we will not try the local dishes in a our destination. Don't forget to order the authentic Ivatan cuisines if you visit the province of Batanes.