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Most of the locals (Filipino) and international tourists are dreaming to explore the beauty of Batanes . The island province is known for...

Batanes: Everyone's Dream Destination

Most of the locals (Filipino) and international tourists are dreaming to explore the beauty of Batanes. The island province is known for its beautiful hills and mountains, rich history and culture and friendly people known as Ivatan.

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Batanes is the smallest province in the Philippines which located in the northernmost part of the country. The provincial capital is Basco in Batan Island.

According to history, Batanes is part of the Cagayan during the Spanish Regime. It became independent province when American invaded the Philippines. The island was one of the first points occupied by the invading Japanese imperial forces at the outbreak of the Pacific War.

Climate in Batanes is not that hot, not too cold. The rainy season starts in July while sunny season is begins in March.  The province lies along the typhoon path which most of the typhoons comes during the the month of August. Temperature drops below 15  degrees centigrade in December while it goes up to  37 degrees centigrade in July.

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If you're from Manila, the airplane will drop off you at the Basco Airport or Itbayat Airport.  Budget carrier PAL Express started to have flights to Batanes three times in week- every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It's advisable to wait for an airfare promo because ticket price going to Batanes is very expensive.

Tourist destinations in the province include Sabtang Island, Itbayat Island, Batan Island, Di-atay Beach, Nadi Hills, White Beach, San Jose Church, Sarokan Cave,Marlboro Country & Naidi Hills and many MORE!

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Indulge into outdoor activities such as trekking, hiking, spelunking, caving, bird watching, fishing, swimming and other exciting water sport activities.

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Don't forget to bring you camera and smartphone . Either selfie or group , anywhere in Batanes is the best background for photo.

For sure lots of travelers will go in Batanes this 2015.