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Great Santa Cruz Island | The Pink Beach in the Philippines

Most of the travelers are always looking for a beautiful white beach. Even me, I preferred a beach that offers powdery white sand. How about a pink beach? Do you want to see pink sand? Did you know there's a pink beach in the Philippines? Yes, there is! Be amazed with the pink sand beach of Great Santa Cruz Island in Zamboaga City.

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The Great Santa Cruz Island is also known as the Pink Beach. It offers an amazing pink sand that results from pulverized red organ pipe coral washed up from offshore mixes with white sand. The blue and green shades of the sea and the lush greenery add more beauty to the island. You can indulge swimming, sun bathing, snorkeling, and other outdoor activities.

The Pink Beach is limited to day trips. The local government of Zamboanga City regulates the number of visitors that will visit the beach. There's no reservation here. It's advisable to get a tourist permit early in the morning. You can stay in the island with security escorts from 7AM to 2PM. There are cottages in the island that can be rented. Staying overnight is not allowed. 

How to get there?

  • From the airport, take a tricycle going to Paseo del Mar . Fare is around P50
  • From there, book a boat going to Sta Cruz Island. Boat costs P1000 and up. 

If you already visited the Great Santa Cruz Island,  you can also visit the Sila Island in San Vincente, Northern Samar. It is also called the Pink Beach which features beautiful pink and white sand. 


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