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Apung Iru Fluvial Festival 2015

If you're looking for Philippine's famous festival for the month of June, head over to Apalit, Pampanga  for the Apung Iru Fluvial Festival. It's an annual celebration held every June 28-30.

credits to Dexter Bolasoc

The feast day is to honor the town's Patron, St. Peter. The highlight of the event is a colorful fluvial procession or Apung Iru Fluvial Parade.  

During the event, devotees and locals transfer the holy image through a fluvial procession from Capalangan to Apalit Parish Church in a colorful and decorated float.The image had stayed in Apalit Church until the last day of the feast (June 30) and returned to its original shrine at Capalangan.

A lot of local tourists and devotees gathered along the  riverbanks to witness the comeback of the float with the holy Image.  Some of them are waving of flowers and others are dancing the traditional dance called “Kuraldal”

Aside from the colorful fluvial procession, the festival features a variety of events such as trade fair, pageants, local competitions and cultural shows.

Schedule of activities for Apung Iru Fluvial Festival 2015 is not yet announced. 


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