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What to wear in Batanes

Batanes is part of the Philippine archipelago that has tropical rainforest climate. Summer starts in the island around March and will be ended May. Rainy season comes during the month of August. It's advisable for tourists go to the province around March to May, which most of the time  the weather is sunny. You can definitely wear your summer attire if you will travel to Batanes on these months.

For men, it's advisable to wear either shirt or pullover paired with pastel color shorts or jogging pants. For women, you can wear shirt with sweater paired with long skirt. If you will walk around the area at night, don't forget to wear pullover or jacket. It's colder during the night than in the afternoon.

Batanes is also famous for its people called Ivatans. These are a Filipino ethnolinguistic group predominant in the province. Most of the time, they are wearing long-sleeves shrrt or pullover. They're also famed for having traditional vest along with salakot also known as vacul (native hat).

For those who will travel to Batanes, you can wear any kind of clothing apparel as long it looks descent and you are comfortable to wear it. It's up to you if you want to be simple or fashionable while exploring the beauty of Batanes. The highlight of your adventure is not about your dress, it's about the place.



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