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Mang Larry's Isawan | The Famous Isawan in UP

After the class, some of the students in UP Diliman go to Mang Larry's Isawan, the famous isawan in Metro Manila. The store sells grilled isaw (pig or chicken intestine).

Mang Larry's Isawan is famous not only among scholars (ISKA and ISKO) of University of  the Philippines but also to all Pinoys who love streetfood. The small food cart was already featured on different local TV shows like Rated K and Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho.

The last time I visited the store, as expected, a lot of people line up in Mang Larry's store. You would love the smell of the smoke from the grill. There's a feeling that you can't wait to eat the Mang Larry's  isaw. 

Menu and Prices: Isaw manok (chicken intestine) P6, Isaw baboy (pork intestine) P5, Atay (pork liver) P6, botchi (chicken intestine) P6, balun-balunan (chicken gizzard) P6, tenga (pork ears) P6, isaw baboy special (special pork intestine) P6, goto (pork tissue) P6,  and pork bbq P10.

Most of the time, you would find Mang Larry taking the orders for his customers. He's hands on his business. 

Mang Larry's Isawan is really different from Isawan that you can find along the street in the Metro. They served the grilled isaw with brown paper bad and receipt. The suka/ sawsawan is separately from Isaw. You can choose either vinegar, sweet sauce or a mix of both.  

Aside from isaw, Mang Larry's Isawan offers refreshing drinks like soda and buko juice. 

Mang Larry's Isawan is no longer across the parking lot of the UP College of Law. It's now relocated to the parking lot across the Parish of the Holy Sacrifice and near the University Arcade and Swimming Pool.

Overall, Mang Larry's Isaw is like the ordinary isaw that you can find the along the street,  but their sawsawan is really great. Compare with other Isaw, you have the peace of the mind that Mang Larry's Isaw is safe. Their isaw is cheap. It is recommendable especially for friends bonding moments and for those foodies who love foodtrip. 


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