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Treasure Mountain : The Easiest Mountain To Climb Near Metro Manila

Aside from Mt Balabag, Treasure Mountain in Rizal is one one easiest mountain to climb near Metro Manila. You can reach the jump off point less than 2 hours via public or private transportation. This mountain offers an amazing sea of clouds and breath-taking view of nearby mountains.

Treasure Mountain is perfect for those who want to experience a chill hike. Honestly, you only need to take 5 minutes hike to reach the peak of the mountain, which is also the camping site. I guarantee it's absolutely an easy hike.

Kawa Bath in El Patio Razon Rizal

As far as I know, the Kawa Bath became popular in the Philippines because of the Kawa Bath in Tibiao, Antique. Aside from the unspoiled beaches, travelers are going to Antique to experience this kind of activity. Did you know that there's also Kawa Bath near Metro Manila. Yes, you don't have to spend much money to travel to Antique, you could experience it in El Patio Razon in Tanay, Rizal.

The El Patio Razon is one of the side trips of most travellers after experiencing the beauty of some of the mountains and tourist destinations in Rizal. It will only take 20 to 30 minutes walk or 5 minutes ride from the gate of Treasure Mountain, the nearest mountain in El Patio Razon.

Upon entering the gate, we headed to the registration area and we paid P50/pax for the entrance fee and P300 for the Kawa Bath/hour which is good for sharing. The Kawa (a big kettle) takes some time to prepare. They filled it with water and strewn with flower petals and leaves. They burn up wood to heat up the water to your desired temperature.

We maximized our time here. We took a lot of photos and videos. The place is for taking pictures only. Yes, it's instagrammable because of the spectacular view of Treasure Mountain. Nothing really so especial here. El Patio Razon has only 4 Kawa Bath, so I recommend to visit the place during weekdays. Expect a long queue during weekends and holidays.

There is only one Kubo but it can accommodate up to 25 people. It has only one bedroom but guests may set up their sleeping area anywhere in the house.

The Kubo has a porch, dining area, tea room, attic, family room, mini-library, game area, bar, and 2 toilet and shower rooms.

There is no electric power in the area but a generator is available at night.


Kawa Bath Entrance Fee: Php50
Kawa Bath for 1 hr: 300 (Good for sharing)

How to get there:
  • From Cubao, ride a jeepney bound to Cogeo Gate 2 (Php24)
  • Take another jeepney ride from Cogeo Gate 2 to Maysawa Circuit (Php46)
  • Then ride a tricycle from Maysawa to El Patio (Php150 one way but you can divide the fare since it’s good for 4pax)

VIA PRIVATE TRANSPORT: There are two possible routes to take.

1. You can take the MARCOS HIGHWAY. You’ll pass over Masinag, Cogeo, Boso-boso Resort, Foremost Farms, Palo Alto, and Garden Cottages. Treasure Mountain's jump off point is same as the Maysawa Circuit (Mt. Sapari and Mt. Binutasan). From the waiting shed,  take a 1.5 kilometers away from Treasure Mountain, go straight and you will turn right as you see their signage.

2. Another route is in Sampaloc, Tanay. You’ll take Sampaloc road and will pass by the street to Daranak Falls. Go straight until you arrive at a junction and then, turn left. You’ll pass by Sierra Madre Resort on your right, Ten Cents to Heaven on your left, then Pico de Pino on your right. As you pass over Pico de Pino, you’re already near so drive a little further. Treasure Mountain will be on your right side. Turn right as you see a waiting shed or the jump-off of Maysawa Circuit (Mt. Sapari and Mt. Binutasan) Similarly, go straight and you’ll turn right as you see their signage.

El Patio Razon 
Adress: Sitio Maysawa, Tanay Rizal

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Supremo 4K Plus : A Great Value WiFi Action Camera

After my outdoor adventures, I immediately check the photos and videos I took. I scan each photos and videos to select the best shots that I can use for my blog, Facebook page and Instagram account. It's really important to invest in a good camera so I can capture quality outputs. Aside from my handy mirror lens camera, I have the budget-friendly action camera, the new and improved Supremo 4K Plus WiFi Action Camera.

The 4K Plus WiFi Action Camera is the upgrade version of Supremo 4K. It is a compact action camera that can take 4K videos and quality photos up to 20MP. It features 7g true glass lens, 2.0"FHD LCD Screen, 30M waterproof with waterproof case and 1000Ah Lithium Battery. It can save photos and videos up to 64GB Micro-SD card.

Hop Inn opens third hotel in Aseana City

The Erawan Group PLC, a leading Thai hospitality firm, has successfully opened its third Hop Inn property in the country since welcoming guests to the very first Hop Inn Hotel in December 2016.

Hop Inn Hotel Aseana City, Manila is located just 10 minutes away from the Manila International Airport and right of Metro Manila's fast-rising entertainment and commercial capital, Aseana City, one of the landmark developments to rise in the envisioned grandest gaming and entertainment complex in Asia, Entertainment City Manila.

Camp Avenue La Union: A Sanctuary for Campers and Wanderers

When it comes to quick getaways from Metro Manila, La Union is a good choice for weekend warriors. It's a perfect destination for those who want to surf all day or just to chill along the beach. La Union is located in the Ilocos Region which is very accessible from Manila, offering wide range of accommodations, good restaurants and exciting outdoor activities.

For those looking for a budget-friendly destination in La Union, I recommend Camp Avenue. It's a Bali inspired camping site that make your Bohemian dreams into reality. This island-vibe, laid-back beach camping site is perfect for campers, travellers, wanderers, outdoor enthusiasts who want to experience the other side of San Juan, La Union. As a backpacker and beach lover, I really enjoyed this place. It has great ambiance and positive vibes giving me a peace of mind.

We stayed in the camping site last Thursday. It is 10-15 minutes away from the surfing area of San Juan, La Union. As expected, there's no crowd. I think we're only 3 groups in the area. I preferred going to the beach either weekdays or after summer. And I love it when I see the camp site with no crowd. We were three and booked a Indo Bali Hut. The unique room features comfy foam bed, pillows, blanket. It also came with clean towel, bottled water, and toiletries like soap, shampoo and toothpaste. Each Indo Bali Hut comes with FREE breakfast.

Regular Rates (Inclusive of breakfast)

  • Bali Hut - P2400 / good fro 2 pax
  • Tent  Rental - P750 /pax
  • Tent Pitching - P500/pax

Camp Avenue is not a luxury resort nor  a high end hotel. It's a simple camping site that features cool artworks, colorful hammocks, wooden swings, and camping stations. It has also a common area which is perfect for social gatherings. There are some spots that are truly instagrammable, which are perfect for your new DP or Facebook and Instagram post.

Since it’s summer, it's a low-tide season so expect there's no big waves. At this moment, this season is not really good for surfing or any other water activities. However, you can still enjoy the fine sands and blue waters and get your tan lines. The sand is grayish and the water is not that clear.

When it comes to the food, Camp Avenue has its own restaurant. They have meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The food is good! They also serve refreshing juices and alcoholic beverages like beer and cocktails. Staff in their resto is very friendly and accommodating.

Camp Avenue is the best place for travelers who want an cool lodging with friendly atmosphere. It's truly a playground and sanctuary for true wanderers who crave both adventure and tranquility.

How to get to Camp Avenue
  • Ride a bus going to Ilocos or Abra and tell the conductor to drop you off in in Camp Avenue in Taboc, La Union. Travel time is 5-7 hours. Fare is P470 to P570. 
  • For those will bring their own car, you can take TPLEX going to San Juan, La Union. Travel time is 4-5 hours drive.

Destinations to visit in La Union include Tangadan Falls in San Gabriel, Ma-cho Temple in San Fernando, Pugad in Pugo, Tapuakan River in Pugo, Grape Farm and Pebble Beach of Luna.

Travel Guide / Tips

  • Bring sunblock to protect your skin from the direct heat of the sun
  • Bring insect repellent protect your skin from insect bites.
  • It offers FREE water.
  • Cooking is not allowed inside the camping site.
  • Bringing your alcoholic beverage is not allowed. You can buy it from their bar.
  • Campers will be sharing to their common showers and toilets.
  • You can  try making your won pottery. 
  • Parking is for FREE!
  • You can bring your own tent or rent it to at the reception area.
  • Camp in time is 2PM and Camp out time is 10AM

Camp Avenue in La Union
Address :Red Clay Pagdamilian Taboc, La Union, Philippines
Contact Number: 0917 408 4381
For booking and reservations you may now use this link: 

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Charlie's Hangar Surf Hostel in San Juan, La Union

If you are planning to visit La Union and looking for unique and affordable rooms, I recommend Charlie's Hangar Surf Hostel. It is one of  the popular place listed under hostel in San Juan.

Upon looking for a place to eat, we accidentally found Charlie's Hangar Surf Hostel in Urbiztondo, San Juan. It caught us our intention because of its giant airplane. Yes, there's a big aircraft in front of the hostel. According to the receptionist, it's under renovation and they are planning to make this airplane as a resto bar. Taking photos here is absolutely for FREE.

DIY Travel to La Union

Due to the temporary closure of Boracay, beach lovers are now going to North Luzon to find an alternative destination to keep them cool this summer. I recommend La Union, one of the best surfing destinations in the Philippines. A lot of local and international tourists flock here to enjoy the endless summer and world-class surfing year round.

Surfing is the most recommended activity to do in La Union. Local and foreigners alike usually go Urbiztondo Beach in San Juan to surf all day especially for surfing enthusiasts. This is also the perfect place to learn surfing. A lot of of groups offer surf lesson from basic to advance surf lesson. Rates starts at P400 per hour which includes surf board and personal instructor. If you already know how to surf, you can rent surf board for P200 per hour and P500 for half day. The best time to surf is during peak season which is from July to October.

Crystal Waves Hotel and Resort: The Home of the First Wave Pool Resort in Nueva Ecija

In the past, if someone is asking me where they can go in Nueva Ecija, I always recommend the Minalungao National Park and its limestone rock formations and floating bamboo rafts. But now, there are some places that you can enjoy in The Food Bowl and Rice Granary of Central Luzon where you can escape from the city's busy life. Yes, we found the Crystal Waves Hotel and Resort.

Located in the beautiful town of Talavera in Nueva Ecija, Crystal Waves Hotel and Resort is a perfect venue to chill and relax. It's a one-stop destination that will surely provide a complete relaxation. This family owned resort features Mickey-Mouse-inspired Olympic size pool, wave pool, affordable rooms, climbing wall, rappeling and zip line.

Upon entering the resort, we're welcomed with a friendly and accommodating staff. He offered to bring my bag but I declined it coz my bag was not that heavy. Our air-conditioned room was located near the newly-set-up garden. It has a queen-size bed, tv with cable channels, tables and chairs. It has  also a clean restroom that comes with fresh towels and FREE toiletries like soap, shampoo and toothpaste. Room rate includes complimentary breakfast. 

Room Rates
  •    Opal Room (Double Sharing ) - Php1,500
  •    Diamond Room  (Double Sharing) - P3,000
  •    Emerald Room (Quadsharing)- Php3,800
  •    Aquamarine (Good for 20pax) - Php12,000

In the afternoon, we tried the wall climbing and rappelling. I think the wall is 50 feet. One thing I can say on these activities, they are not easy for a first-timer like me. Though, it's really fun and it worked out our body. We also tried their zip line. We enjoyed it because we're flying like a Superman while looking the aerial view of the resort.

Here’s the price of the activities:
  • Zip Line Adventure-  Php200.00
  • Wall Climbing – Php200.00
  • Rappelling – Php200.00
  • Giant Water Slide – FREE OF CHARGE

This summer, most of us want to be in the beach and swimming pool. Crystal Waves Hotel and Resort has 3 swimming pools that will surely keep you cool. It's the home of the first wave pool resort in Nueva Ecija. Everyone will definitely enjoy the waves that will be announced every hour. The pool can go up to 7 feet deep so please be careful if you don’t know how to swim. It has also a Mickey-Mouse-inspired olympic size pool that is deep 3 feet to 7 feet. Kids and kids-at-heart will enjoy their colorful Kiddie Pool. The pool is also surrounded with Disney and Avengers characters.

One of the best activities we did in the resort was to slide to their 50 feet Giant Slide. At first, I don't want to do it because a lot of crazy things that comes in my mind. My friend enjoyed his first attempt. He convinced me to try it. Yey! Good thing I tried it because it's absolutely fun. You really need to try it when you visit the resort.

For those who love to take photos, you would definitely love to take a pose on their colorful walls. You can use these walls as your background for your OOTD, selfie and groupie. The resort used spray paint to make the graffiti walls alive and eye-catching.

If you are tired and want to take a rest, you  can avail their spacious cottages. The rate starts from P600 that can accommodate up to 15 pax. The cottages are surrounded with plants and trees that are pleasing to the eyes. You can bring your food and eat here. 

Cottages Rates:
  •   Jade (10-15 pax) -Php600
  •   Topaz (10-15 pax) - Php650
  •   Garnet (15-20 pax) - P700
  •   Amber  (20-25 pax) - P800

The resort has an event center called Crystal Waves Events Center. It is the ideal venue where anyone can celebrate their life’s events like anniversaries, baptisms, birthdays, debuts, weddings and private banquets. It is also perfect for corporate events like awards nights, Christmas parties, product launches, company anniversaries, school events (graduation, dinners and gala), conventions, expositions and seminars. It also be a prime venue in Nueva Ecija for concerts, fashion shows, theatrical plays, musical shows, and training/business seminars and conferences.

According to our friends from Crystal Waves Hotel and Resort, they are planning to build a camping station where you can rent a tent or bring your own tent and pitch it inside the resort. They are also starting to build more rooms for their guests. 

Travel Guide / Tip
  • You can bring your own food. There’s no kitchen for you to cook in, but there’s a grilling station around the area.
  • Proper swimming attire is required. 
  • Colored shorts and shirts, maong shorts with zipper are strictly prohibited
  • Food and drinks are not allowed near the pool area.
  • Bottled drinks are not allowed in the resort.
  • There is available mini store, Mang Inasal and gasoline in front of the resort.
  • Parking is for FREE!
  • Room's check in time is 2PM and check-out time is 12 noon. 
  • Additional Php700 per head for Extra Adults.
  • Day tour is P300

How To Get To Crystal Waves Hotel and Resort
  • Go to Baliwag Cubao Terminal (this is near Five Star Cubao Bus Terminal)
  • Ride Bus to San Jose. Fare is around P170 and travel time is around 2-3 hours. 
  • Tell conductor to drop you off at Crystal Waves. It’s along the highway of Dinarayat, Talavera
  • You’ll be dropped at a Caltex Station. Don’t fret! Crystal Waves is right behind it.
"Great service and comfortable stay during the whole trip. Crystal Waves Hotel and Resort is truly a premier resort in Nueva Ecija. All the good outdoor activities are available. The staff is very nice, friendly and accommodating. The room is affordable and worth the money. Overall, it's a wonderful resort with the best service."

Crystal Waves Hotel and Resort

Phone: (044) 803 5090
Mobile: 09153117739/ 09328675855
Email: reservations@crystalwaves.com.ph
Location: AH26, Dinarayat, Talavera, 3114 Nueva Ecija
Website: www.crystalwaves.com.ph


The Stunning American Tourister Curio Spinner Luggage

As a travel blogger, I travel frequently and primarily with luggage, so I know the travel-friendly features that you need to consider before buying a luggage. Most of the time, I don't stay too long to a certain place. I want to maximize my budget and time to explore several destinations. Having the right travel luggage always make my travel easy and hassle-free.

Recently, I joined the launching of American Tourister's newest signature luggage, the Curio, and its #BringBackMore campaign. The Curio collection is perfect for millennial travelers like me. It sports a vibrant, young fun, effortlessly sophisticated yet international appealing look. Curio spinners come in lively colors golden yellow, spicy peach and denim blue that can surely inject more fun and energy into even the most long winded of trips.

Punta De Fabian : A Peaceful Resort On A Hill

If you are looking for a great place for your summer escapade, there's a resort in Rizal that offers a breathtaking view of Laguna De Bay, nearby mountains and beautiful towns of Rizal. Let me share information about Punta De Fabian Resort.

Located at the magnificent hilltop of Baras, Rizal, Punta De Fabian resort offers a complete relaxation. It has rooms that can accommodate solo, couple and a big group. Their air conditioned rooms feature a queen-size bed covered with white sheet,  tables and chairs, television and coffee maker.

A Wonderful Day at Samba Bluewater Resort

If you are looking for the nearest beach resort in Metro Manila, head over to Samba Bluewater Resort, a great getaway destination in Olongapo City featuring Filipino-theme accommodation, colorful Inflatable Island, relaxing Bali Lounge, long stretch of grayish sand, calm water, and dotted with towering coconut trees.

We spent overnight in a glamping cavana in Samba Bluewater Resort. For those who don't know yet what is glamping, it's a luxury camping involving a variety of high-end gear, accessories, and amenities. (The term is a contraction of the words glamour and camping). The cabana features comfy bed covered with white sheet, pillow, blanket, mosquito net/curtain, ceiling fan, and charger outlets.

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