Malasimbo Music & Arts Festival 2017

Last year I was invited by the Tourism Promotions Board (TPB) to cover the 6thyear celebration of Malasimbo Music & Arts Festival. This event featured local and international artists like Tom Thum, Reo Brothers, Crwn, Lustbass, Kristian Hernandez, Bad Kiss, Mark Zero, Miro, Brigada, and The Manila Symphony Orchestra. I really enjoyed this festival simply because I love music and arts. I'm so excited to be part of Malasimbo 2017.

The organizers announced this year's Malasimbo Music & Arts Festival will be held on March 10 to 12 in Puerto Galera. The Malasimbo 2017 will feature Jordan Rakei, Tennyson, LEFTO, Similarobjects, Curtismith, and Kristian Hernandez.  Line up of artists including the local performers will be announced soon. 

Aside from the music, expect interactive arts and installations artworks around the venue. One of the arts that stand out in the past festival was called “Dandelions,” a creation of Olivia D’Aboville. This installation art was made out of recycled water bottles and energy saving light sources.

For ticket prices and other information about Malasimbo Music & Arts Festival 2017, visit

Mt. Hapunang Banoi in Rodriguez Rizal | Dayhike

Every time I view the DIY group page, I see a lot of stunning photos. They are really impressive! Most of the shots are "buwis-buhay" pose which captured in the mountain. There's a photo of a mountaineer sitting on a rock that caught my attention. I immediately contacted my friend to tell him that we are going to Mt. Hapunang Banoi in Rizal on Saturday morning. 

Past 3'o'clock in the morning, we started to travel to Rodriguez Rizal. Our early escapade was very smooth. It's advisable to drive early in the morning because there's no traffic. No hustle at all! We arrived at exactly 4:30AM in Barangay Wawa, the jump off point. We saw a lot of climbers / DIYers registering their names  and paying the necessary fees.

Mt. Ulap | Dayhike and Traverse

Mt Ulap is one of the favorite destinations in the province of Benguet. The mountain offers a breath-taking view of the Cordilleras as well the subalpine grassland and pine ridges. 

Most of the outdoor enthusiasts preferred dayhike when hiking Mt Ulap. Mountaineers considered it as a minor climb at 1846 MASL with a difficulty of 3 out 9. Even you are a beginner in hiking/ mountaineering, you can handle the long-hours of walking. From the jump off point, which located in Brgy. Ampucao, Itogon, expect a combination of concrete and rough roads.

Fortune Island | Acropolis of the Philippines

One of the main attractions in Fortune Island is called the Acropolis. It features replica of ancient buildings of great architectural like Parthenon. The island is located about 15 kilometers off the coast of Nasugbu, Batangas which can be reached via 1-hour boat ride.

Fortune Island | (c)  Neon Ibanez

Fortune Island was once a luxury island resort. It measures 27 hectares and filled with Grecian architecture from the famous pillars of Parthenon and structures featuring ancients gods and mythical creatures, imitating Greek Acropolis.

Manjuyod Sandbar | Maldives of the Philippines

Dubbed as Maldives of the Philippines, the Manjuyod Sandbar is now trending on different social networking sites because of its sublime beauty. This glorious tourist spot in Negros Oriental features powdery white sands, clear aquamarine waters and wonderful view of mountains around the sandbar.

Manjuyod Sandbar | (c) Jonathan  aka Phos Graphi

Around the Manjuyod Sandbar, you can find native wooden cottages that look like they're floating on the glimmering clear water, same set up in some resorts in Maldives. Cottages are available on the island for daytrips or overnight stay. You need to contact  Manjuyod Tourism Offic if you want to book cottage.

Sirao Flower Farm | Mini Amsterdam Garden Of Cebu

Not so new, but a beautiful flower garden in Sirao is one of the tourist destinations that you need to include on your itinerary if you are in Cebu. The eye-catching and instagram-worthy view garden is called Sirao Flower Farm, which also known as Mini Amsterdam Garden of Cebu.

Sirao Flower Farm/ (c) Phos Graphi/Jonathan

Sirao Flower Farm features yellow, orange and red celosia, locally known as “burlas.” These flowers came from Netherlands and became the Official Flower of Sinulog. The place offers the best venue for selfies, groupies and pre-nuptial pictorials.

Real Surf PH | New Beach Spot and Surfing Destination in Quezon

Real Surf PH ione of the new beach spots in Quezon province. It is a great place for surfers, adventure-seekers and beach bums who love to swim and surf. Real Surf PH is a budget-friendly yet comfortable escape from city which features beachfront cabanas, tent areas and other beautiful structures.

Surf Real PH |  (c) Neon Ibanez

Real Surf PH is the newest beach in the small town of barrio Malapad in Reál, Quezon. It's also the nearest surfing destination from the Metro in terms of land travel--with friendly 2-4 feet waves not far from shore, for beginners or surfers of all levels. The beach spot features fine sands, amazing waves, comfy cabanas, colorful tables and beach front cabanas.

A Quick Escape To Masasa Beach

If you are looking for a budget friendly white beach near the Metro, Masasa Beach in Tingloy Island is the place to be. The beach can be reached from Mabini Batangas via a 45- minute motorboat ride.

Masasa Beach features white sand with pebbles and broken corals along the coastline. The water here is clear and seaweed-free unlike in  Burot beach. You can also find some small fishing boats are docked along stretch of the shore.

Palaui Island Travel Guide

Palaui Island became the venue of the popular America reality series Survivor in 2013. Both the 27th and 28th seasons of 'Survivor' USA were filmed in this beautiful paradise. The island can be reached from Tuguegarao City via a two-hour land trip and a 45- minute motorboat ride.

Palaui, a 7,415-hectare national government-protected marine area, was picked by Cable News Network (CNN) as among the world’s 10 best beaches. It features beautiful coastline, great white sandy beaches, lush forest and amazing coves and rock formations.

Mt. Sapari and Mt. Binutasan | Travel Guide

Two new mountains were recently opened to the public that feature thick forest, amazing hills and breathtaking 360-degree of nearby mountains such as Mount Batolusong,Mount Cayabu Mount Daraitan, and Mount Maynoba and among others. These new mountains are called Mount Sapari and Mount Binutasan, which dubbed as the Maysawa Circuit.

Mt Sapari |  Photo by Alex Sabugo

Mount Sapari and Mount Binutasan are located in Sitio Maysawa in Brgy. Cuyambay Tanay,Rizal. It is approximately 12.81 km. from the jump-off area (versa). Mountaineers considered these two mountains as minor climb with a difficulty level of 2. Mount Sapari is 592 metres above sea level (MASL) while Mount Binutasan is 562 metres above sea level (MASL).