BGC Hostel | A Budget-Friendly Boutique Hotel in Makati City

Travelers are now more practical in choosing the right accommodation. Instead of spending their money in a luxury hotel, they look for an affordable rooms in hostel, motel or even transient home. Well, hotels can really exhaust your travel funds more rapidly than most other vacation expenses.

As a traveler, I always make sure I maximize my budget. I draw up a budget table with possible projections on my travel expenses. For my accommodation, I look for something cheap yet comfy. I give most of my time in travelling outdoor so I rather not spend to much for my room.

Crystal Beach Resort | Surfing! Camping! Bonding!

My college friends are not into camping. Most of the time, we choose to book cozy yet affordable room every time we go to the beach. They know me as backpacker who always like the DIY travel. This time, I let them try the life of a camper. I brought them in a resort in Zambales called Crystal Beach Resort.

Crystal Beach Resort is one of the top-choice surf resorts in the Philippines. The place is perfect for camping, surf lessons and team-building activities. We arrived in the resort before lunch. We we're welcomed with some accommodation which made up of natural materials.. The camping site is near the shoreline where colorful tents are being pitched. The camping area is also surrounded by pine trees.

Villa Felomina | A Budget-Friendly Resort in Cavite

Before my birthday kick off party, I decided to visit a natural spring resort in Indang Cavite. The resort is called Villa Felomina Natural Spring Resort. It features a beautiful infinity pool, a clean river and a refreshing mini waterfalls.

Villa Felomina is a perfect venue for special occasions like birthday, family outing, friends reunion, team building, etc.  If you want to stay overnight here, no need to worry, the resort offers rooms for solo, couple, small group and a big group. Their accommodation are all made of natural materials.

Palad Sandbar in Marinduque

Travelers are not only looking for white sand and crystal water in a beautiful island, they are also searching for sandbar, a bar of sand formed in a sea or river by the action of tides or currents. One of the stunning sand bars in the Philippines is can be found near Maniwaya Island in the province  of Marinduque. It is called Palad Sandbar.

Palad Sandbar is one of a kind places for outdoor enthusiasts and beach lovers. It features powdery white sands that flush through the crystal clear waters, which  appears during low tide. It's advisable to go here in the morning when the tide is usually low. You can reach sandbar via a 30-minute boat ride  from Maniwaya

Great Santa Cruz Island | The Pink Beach in the Philippines

Most of the travelers are always looking for a beautiful white beach. Even me, I preferred a beach that offers powdery white sand. How about a pink beach? Do you want to see pink sand? Did you know there's a pink beach in the Philippines? Yes, there is! Be amazed with the pink sand beach of Great Santa Cruz Island in Zamboaga City.

(c) Instagram/mie_moi

The Great Santa Cruz Island is also known as the Pink Beach. It offers an amazing pink sand that results from pulverized red organ pipe coral washed up from offshore mixes with white sand. The blue and green shades of the sea and the lush greenery add more beauty to the island. You can indulge swimming, sun bathing, snorkeling, and other outdoor activities.

Laiban Falls In Tanay Rizal

After a long and tiring trek, we traversed the mountain going to the newly-opened Laiban Falls. It's one of the latest attractions in Tanay Rizal, which is perfect  destination for budget-friendly travelers.

From the summit of the twin mountain, Mt. Tangwa (Mt Lubo) and Mt. Ngusong Kabayo, we passed in a muddy and slipper y trail. The first stop was to the highest waterfalls in the area. It's not advisable to go near to the cascading water because it's too dangerous. The whole area was very slippery.

Mt. Tangwa and Mt. Ngusong Kabayo | A new hiking destination in Rizal

Mt. Tangwa and Mt. Ngusong Kabayo are the newest mountains opened in Rizal. My brother and I decided to have it as a day hike activity primarily because of proximity and I have a work the following day. Its jump-off point is located at Barangay Laiban in the town of Tanay, which is only 2-3 hours away from Metro Manila.

Mt. Tangwa and Mt. Ngusong Kabayo are two of the smaller mountains in Rizal. These are considered as minor hiking destinations, a perfect place for those new in hiking. For seasoned mountaineers, climbing these mountains can be completed in 2 - 2.5 hours, or even 1.5 - 2 hours.

A chill adventure to Daranak Falls

The weather was on our side. It's was a sunny day when we arrived in Tanay Rizal. Going to Daranak Falls was easy. There's no ascending trail and no rocky roads.  It was chill and smooth adventure.

Daranak Falls is a park facilitated by the local government in Tanay. It's 2.5- 3 hours away from Manila via land transportation. The falls is about 5-10 minutes away from the city proper. Jump off point is located at Brgy. Plaza Aldea.

Overnight at Tinipak River and Mt. Daraitan

The crazy friendship was started in Mt. Daraitan and Tinipak River. The weather was on our side the whole time. It was a chill trek and good vibes moments together with the cool peeps. Lots of interesting stories revealed along the trail. Every pose on the rocks, laugh trip, food trip and drinking session were memorable. 

Mt. Daraitan is one of the favorite outdoor destinations in Tanay Rizal. It is located at the boundary of two provinces – Rizal and Quezon. Major jump off is located in  Brgy. Daraitan, Tanay while other jump off is located in Sitio Cablao Brgy. Pagsangahan, General Nakar. It's a minor climb with difficulty of 4 out of 9 and  a trail class of 1 to 3.

Day hike to Mt. Batulao

It was raining cats and dogs when we arrived in Mt. Batulao. We're welcomed with vast grassland and sloping landscapes. It was rough, muddy trails with a combination of ascending and descending hills. We always make sure we're prepared on this situation.

Mt. Batulao lies between Balayan and Nasugbu towns of Batangas. It stands more than 800 meters above sea level and considered as a minor a climb with with 60-70 degrees assault. The jump-off point is located at Evercrest Golf Course (Hillcrest), Nasugbu with 2-4 hours trek going to the peak of the mountain. For a first-timer, you don't need to worry because it's not difficult to reach the summit.


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