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The Stunning American Tourister Curio Spinner Luggage

As a travel blogger, I travel frequently and primarily with luggage, so I know the travel-friendly features that you need to consider before buying a luggage. Most of the time, I don't stay too long to a certain place. I want to maximize my budget and time to explore several destinations. Having the right travel luggage always make my travel easy and hassle-free.

Recently, I joined the launching of American Tourister's newest signature luggage, the Curio, and its #BringBackMore campaign. The Curio collection is perfect for millennial travelers like me. It sports a vibrant, young fun, effortlessly sophisticated yet international appealing look. Curio spinners come in lively colors golden yellow, spicy peach and denim blue that can surely inject more fun and energy into even the most long winded of trips.

I really appreciate Curio. It's eye-catching, cleverly functional yet durable travel cases. At only 2.6 kg and made from polypropylene material, the Curio is lightweight, strong and perfect for young globetrotters who enjoy long-haul trips yet do not want to be weighed down during travels. It has also great compartments that allow for easy packing.

Millennial travelers also don't have to worry about losing their bags in a sea of black. The Curio's one-of-a-kind textured casing inspired by the sound waves' ripple effect on water and sand, plus its vibrant hues ensure that your suitcase reflects your personality and stands out.

The Curio collection is a definite must-have for those with travel goals that even the globetrotting profile goalscorer Cristiano Ronaldo chose the Curio as his constant companion. As seen in American Tourister's "Bring Back More Campaign" the Curio is both handy and sturdy that it allows every traveler to bring back more at the end of each travel.

The American Tourister Curio is a  stunning choice for all of your travel needs that keeps items secure and makes traveling easy and light. 

The Curio collection is available in all fine department store and travel specialty shops nationwide. 


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